Finite Element Analysis Assignment

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Running head: FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSISFINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS[Author Name(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees][Institutional Affiliation(s)]
2FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSISIntroductionLightly loaded high-speed roller bearings are in most cases prone lubricant starvation andslip especially at the interface where the inner circle comes into contact with the rollers. Thebearing life of the roller is affected therefore by these two factors, slip and starvation of thelubricant, as these factors affect the thickness of the film of oil. Of the most important life factoris the speed of the cage in the estimation of the contact pressure. This is because anymodification that happens to the bearing-inner race interface is affected by the speed at which thecage moves[ CITATION Nic131 \l 1033 ].Finite Element AnalysisThe stress developed when the two surfaces come into contact is defined by Hertziancontact stress. The extent of deformation on the point of contact when the two surface cometogether is dependent on the normal contact force, the elasticity modulus of the two surfacescoming into contact as well as the radii of curvature of the two surfaces that have come intocontact. Using the equationpo=3.F2πa2, the maximum contact pressure between the two surfacescan be established[ CITATION Raj06 \l 1033 ].
3FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSISFig. 1 Points of deformation on the inner circle of the rollerDepending on the magnitude of the stress, there is deformation caused, either elastic orplastic to the surface of contact. A need thus arises to calculate the stress that is developed at thepoint of contact. Among the assumptions made while calculating the contact stress, include;Homogeneity of the materials that are in contact and that the yields stress is not surpassesA load, which is normal to the tangent of the contact plane, is responsible for the contactstress. This means there are no tangential forces that could be acting in between the twosolids, which are intact[ CITATION Jai14 \l 1033 ]The area of the contact is small in comparison with the dimensions of the solids whosesurfaces are coming into contactSurface roughness has negligible effect on the overall contact stressThe solids, which are coming into contact, are at equilibrium and at rest during the timeof contact.It is recommended that analysis of non-metallic components is done through nonlinear stressanalysis as a result of the complexity of the relationships in load deformation[ CITATION ASM10 \l1033 ]. Finite element analysis can then be used in the calculation and estimation of the stressesand the displacement of the final products resulting from such operational loads as contactbetween surfaces, pressures, temperatures, accelerations or even forces. Multiphysics analysiscan be performed from loads imported from simulation, thermal and flow studies.Being that the roller bearings and the roller race are made of metallic components, theanalysis of the components of this solid can be done using either linear or nonlinear stressanalysis. The analysis chosen depends upon the extent of push that the design is to be taken. In
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