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Fire Evacuation Policy (Doc)

Added on - 15 Mar 2020

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Running head: MEMO WRITING 1MemorandumName:School;Instructor:Date:
MEMO WRITING2MemorandumDATE: 03-10-2017TO: All members of staffFROM: Office of the CEOSUBJECT: Fire evacuation policyIt has come out clear that it is very mandatory for every individual working in the organization tobe knowledgeable about handling a fire break out. This is motivated by the concern of fires andsafe evacuation procedures in case a fire accident is experienced. The CEO in collaboration withfire experts have come to a conclusion that the following procedure should be followed in case ofan office fire:The first thing on noticing fire is to set off the alarm and call the fire department whose numberis (9-911). In situations where the fire is a small one, try to put out the fire using the extinguisheris mounted on the walls.The individual then should also immediately confirm from the boss whether he/she should alsonotify the supervisor. If so, the supervisor will decide whether the premises should be evacuated.The evacuation process should be preceded by turning off computers and keeping safe all theimportant documents then proceeding to the nearest exit point in a calm manner in considerationof visitors and persons with disabilities. They should go and assemble at the gathering points forfurther directions.
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