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Leadership Management
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Sponsor: XYZ Limited
Project Title: XYZ Revamp Project
Prepared By: Date: 18-05-2019
Problem/Opportunity Statement
Xyz Limited Australian company working for the Logistic Management Services. The company provides several
services including the transportation, warehouse department and Logistics. There are both local and international
companies linked with this organisation. After working for more than 25 years, the organization valuation
reached $03 Billion. The main motive of developing the project plan is enhancement of IT Company
Infrastructure. A Total budget of $1 million has been assigned to complete this task.
Key Deliverables:
Installation of Windows 7
Backing up the data
Restoring the data
Progress report of a project every week
Minutes of meetings should be recorded and get followed up
A proper project plan should be prepared and approved by the management
formal sign off from the Higher Managing authorities
Resources must be identified
Assigning the roles and responsibilities to the team members
All the details must be shared with the project manager
Sign off of the project for the delivery items
Key Functional Requirements
Presentation of the Risk Mitigation Plan
Before actual implementation, every plan should be checked and analysed
Company data and resources should be maintained with integrity
Only verified and authorised users should have access over the centralised server and data is stored
A secure platform must be developed
The management and project team should perform the routine operations carefully
Technical training should be given to the project team members
Employees should be motivated for completing the task with more efficiency
Backing up the data In case of any risk or defect
The operation blockages must be removed To remove the 75% bottlenecks, the Windows server
2010 can easily be used
Employees will be given technical Training Minor Technical Issues can be solved immediately
Efficiency will be increased Project Goals will be achieved with in deadlines
System Privacy will get enhanced Reduce risks of data breaches
Needs and Demands of Customer and Company will
be fulfilled
Employee as well as Customer Satisfaction
Project Charter for XYZ Revamp Project_1

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Strategic Alignment
The main motive of this project is to fulfil the demands and needs of the company. The revenues and the
business process must be facilitated. Also, it is expected that either the company should perform
according to the requirements of the customers or should exceed the requirements.
Approximate Cost
USD 1,50,000
Approximate Timeframe
06 months
Key Risks
Enhancement on the cost of License
Authority: ______________________________ Date:____________
Non-Functional Requirements Deliverable component
Windows server 2010 needs to be installed On each desktop/Laptop, the installation of
Windows server 2010 should be done
Process of installing the Anti-virus software must
be completed
All the latest versions of Anti-virus needs to be
Proper and Stable Network connectivity is
There must be full network access
Proper up gradation of the system softwares On each system, the software must be upgraded.
Scope Change Process:
Change Request: Domain networking
Project: XYZ Restoring Project Date: 18-05-2019
Change Requestor: Board Members of Management Change No: 1
Project Charter for XYZ Revamp Project_2

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Change Category (Check all that apply):
■ Plan ■ Outlay ■ Range ■ Necessities/ Method Of Measuring Feedback
□ Testing/Quality □ Possessions
Does this Change Affect (Check all that apply):
□ Corrective Action □ Preventative Action □ Defect Repair □ Updates
■ Other
Describe the Change Being Requested:
Out of all the changes required, one of the major requests regarding the change is that in the upgraded machines, security
layer must be added. The company Network and the Machines should be linked together. Additionally, the connecting
services including the emails, file hosting and others should not be allowed to perform on the machinery. The major
reason for adopting this change is the enhancement of the security level in the organisation. To implement such changes it
is important for the organisation to invest a significant amount of time along with efforts. If those changes got
implemented successfully then the employees will not be able to use the systems of the organisation for carrying their
personal task. These changes will enable and enhance the safety of the system and also the company it section will get
prevented from the future virus attacks. To get support from the server, the Domain services will need an additional port.
For carrying the process, it will be important for the organisation to construct additional port holders. Along with the port
holders, CISCO agent will also be provided to the upgraded machinery and Systems.
Describe the Reason for the Change:
From a very long time, security and privacy have been one of the major concerns for the organisation. In order to get rid
of the security problems, the addition of an upgraded security level got decided. Due to improper security and lack of IT
management, the organisations faced several problems and IT hacks. to get the problem solved, the organization needs to
adopt an upgraded plan. Additionally, the organisation also found that a single system was used by several employees in
the organisation. However, out of those there were many who do not have even proper knowledge regarding the types of
machinery due to which the risk Chance is got enhanced. There were great chances that the employees will install
unofficial software in the organisation systems and also use the mailing system for sending their personal mails. The
changes decided by the organisation will restrict the additional usage of the company system. The employees and users
will only be able to open websites that are permitted by the organisation only.
Alternatives Considered:
The change that is requested by the board of members of the management can easily get implemented
without using any sort of additional resource. Due to this benefit, there is no need for an alternative.
Technical Changes Required for implementation:
Responsibility regarding Installation of CISCO software will be given to the network engineer
All the additional required software and tools will be purchased
Project Charter for XYZ Revamp Project_3

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