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Running head: FITNESS AND ECONOMIC GROWTHFitness and EconomicGrowth
FITNESS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH1“Catalytic impact of Physical fitness of the work force and economic growth in UAE”Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, is the Economy Minister of UAE believed that the country is inprogress of gaining the benefits of its policy of economy diversification. This policy helped thecountry to move from the dependency on one sector i.e. oil sector to depending on varioussectors. From last few years the economy of the nation is growing positively. The economy nowis determined through its own aspects, whereas its efficiency basis is durable, strong anddiversified (Khaleej Times. 2015).Physical fitness of the work force in UAE is an opportunity such as it helps in managing thelifestyle of the employee as hectic schedule do not allow him to invest time in the gym so workplace is the best place to adopt the healthy habits. On the other side to maintain the physicalfitness of the older workers is a challenge. Family members, shareholders, community,employees and whole society is affected directly or indirectly by the workforce physical fitnesslevel (Pronk, 2015). Physical fitness has relations with the positive health results, with decliningrisk for unnecessary deaths and long-lasting circumstances such as type 2 diabetes, back pain,cancers, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, as well as less health maintenance expenditure,efficiency loss, absence, temporary disability, and lost workdays and improved mood andperformance of the work (Sport and Dev. 2017).Fitness is also related with non-health related aids, such as increase in the income of the personas well as his/her family, decreased debt, decrease in the number of unemployment, decreaseturnover rate, satisfaction of the job and enrollment and workers retention. Security of the nationis enhanced due to fitness of the particular occupational groups such as law enforcement,firefighters and military as safety is a societal benefit (Health Galaxy. 2016). The workers will bemore active due to full-time employment. Full-time employment amongst men, was completelyrelated with physical movement stages irrespective of being in a sitting or desk job as comparedto persons who did not work. Among women, though, persons in sitting full-time jobs wereconsiderably less active compared to their nonworking colleagues. However, women with activejobs were approximately 30% extra active throughout the week compared to those with sittingjobs and similarly approx. 22% of men were noted (Pronk, 2015).
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