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Flowchart SLP 1 FlowchartAlexander DouglasOPM300 Introduction to Operation ManagementJanuary 22, 2017Prof. Dr. Khan Li
INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT1Delphi Decision Making Process- Round 1The following questionnaire round will be the first of three rounds of Delphi Decision Making Process. Once we receive all responses from panelists, we will summarize the findings and formulate questionnaire for second round. We also assure your participation and responses to all these questions confidential. Below is a List of Indicators which we find necessary to be in the Winning Volleyball Sports Team. Please give ratings for each indicators where 1 is considered tobe lowest and 50 as the highest marks. Also kindly provide your suggestion to the following questions that can guide your assessment basis:Are these indicators valuable to guide the winning teams?Are these indicators providing necessary information regarding the team that deserves trophy?CriteriaIndicators ProposedTotal ScoresAggregate PercentageIntelligence Quotient405090Personality355075Management skills455095Emotional quotient405090Communication395089Also mention any other indicator or criteria that you think is missed out by us but is crucial to decide the winning team in Volleyball Event.Letter

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