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Fluorescence microscopy tutorial and quiz 2016.

Added on -2019-09-21

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Fluorescence microscopytutorial and quiz 2016
Fluorescence microscopy tutorial and quiz Provide answers to the following questions in consultation with the interactive tutorial and other relevant material made available to you.Also look into andother similar websites to answer question 3. For some background, have a look at tools: -The FLUOVIEW 1000 system at MU has four lasers diodes:405 nm, 473 nm, 543 nm and 635nm -Always go for the maximum excitation and emission possible.-You will find many of the probes in the table under the headings “Conventional dyes”, “Alexadyes”, “Fluorescent proteins” and “Cyanine dyes”.DsRED is a fluorescent proteinDiOC6(3) is similar to FITC, a traditional dyeTO-PRO-3® is a cyanine dye (Cy5)SYBR® Green I is similar to Alexa 488Laser types:Start with looking at the Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope Simulator

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