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Food Intake and Its Regulation PDF

Added on - 15 Mar 2020

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Running head: FOOD INTAKE AND ITS REGULATIONFood intake and its regulationName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
FOOD INTAKE AND ITS REGULATION1Introduction:Food intake and its regulation is an important aspect of the human body as itis a deciding factor of how well our body works and metabolizes. The study is crucialto develop dietary charts and treatments for the disorders involving these pathways.The mechanism also involves the interaction between the brain, gut and the adiposetissues. The influence of various physiological mechanisms during the food intakeprocess gives an insight of the way the food that humans consume gets processedand digested. The study is important because it helps in researches involved inmanipulative studies of the hormones and other factors associated with it. Thediscussion in the report deals with the different hormones and the neurologicalsignaling processes that are involved in the procedure. The different factors that areinvolved in controlling hunger for long or short duration will also be given emphasis inthe following paragraphs.Discussion:Influence of the leptin and ghrelin hormones in the food consumption process:The levels of the hormone ghrelin and leptin are crucial factors in the processof food intake. They have a long term effect in the regulation of consumed food. Thefluctuations in these hormone levels, act as a determinant for the motivation ordemotivation of humans to consume food. During ingestion of food, the adipocytesrelease the hormone leptin in the body. While consumption, the levels of leptinincreases which reduces a person’s eagerness to ingest (Rezai-Zadeh et al., 2014).On the other hand, when the levels of ghrelin hormone increases, the appetite of aperson increases. It is the only orexigenic molecule known to be present in thehuman body. During the state of satiety, the levels of leptin increases and that ofghrelin decreases.Necessity of signaling by pancreatic hormones during ingestion (insulin,amylin and glucagon):The hormones insulin and amylin are secreted in the pancreas by the betacells, both the hormones provide signals that help in storage of energy as visceraladipose tissues. Insulin directly acts to suppress the production and secretion of
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