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Food Products Marketing1TECHNOLOGY AND MARKETINGStudent’s NameUniversityCourseDate
Food Products Marketing2Technology and MarketingFor any organization to be successful in the market there is need to have anunderstanding of what is taking place in the world around the business operations. Some of thefactors that are in the surrounding of a particular organization determines the rate at which it willsucceed in the days to come. Marketing should be the central point of concentration as it ensuresthat the products reach the customers and the organization make profit. In the 21stcentury,technology have been integrated into marketing which has changed the way companies reach outto customers as well as run internal affairs that are related to distributing products and services.Thetechnological factors take into consideration the rate at which technology is advancing andhow much integration does a company needs to have for a successful business regarding therealization of company goals (Ghauri, 2010). It would be an excellent opportunity for a companyin the global perspective that offers food related products and services to enter the market bothlocal and globally as long as they are in line with what is expected.Daiwan is a company in the global market that offers products in food and beveragesrelated fields ranging both fresh as well as canned food materials are distributed in the variousparts of the globe. In its vision, Daiwan intends to reach customers that are located in differentparts of the world. To achieve the goals, technology is one of the tools that will be used inmarketing as research have shown that majority of the world population have access to theinternet. Apart from technological application in the marketing it is important to considermarketing mix. The cost is the essentially sum a client pays for the food products whenever theygo out for shopping. On the off chance that the cost exceed the apparent advantages for anindividual, the apparent estimation of the offering will be low and it will be probably not goingto be embraced, however in the event that the advantages are seen as more noteworthy than their
Food Products Marketing3costs, odds of trial and reception of the item is significantly more prominent. One of themarketing benefits that have been achieved through technological advancements iscommunication both internally and externally.The heart of every marketing strategy that is used by an organization is thecommunication. One aspect of communication that is utilized is making the users aware of anexistence of a product or a service in the market. Technological tools have been a developmentthat links the organization to the stakeholders to make the management easy.The managementof the organization needs to analyze the new technology to get the ideas about the various designissues related to offering technological services towards the meeting the needs of the customersas well as increase the profit margin levels. When an organization is informed on the emergingissues in the line of the product and services it produces, it makes it remain competitive. Theinformation that should be greatly invested on is how the organization will utilize innovativeideas to bring changes in the use of technology to provide quality services in the market.Innovative ideas in this context aim at reducing the production cost and maximize profit throughtechnology.If an organization is unable to adapt to the ongoing technological changes, then, it isdestined to lag behind its competitors in the market. It is essential for theDaiwanto focus onspecific factors such as cost and reliability which is related to technological elements ofmarketing in the company service provision (Rohani, Golbarg, and Mutasim, 2014).The technological tools that are widely used to link the organization and the stakeholdersinclude websites and mobile apps. With automation being one aspect of technology in anorganization, marketing operations are moved from being manual and become digitized where anorganization can post what they offer regarding product and services to websites and mobile apps(Doole and Robin, 2008). Ordering and payment processes have been made easy where the
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