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Running head: FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENTFOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENTName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENTLiterary reviewArendt, S. W., Paez, P., & Strohbehn, C. (2013). Food safety practices and managers'perceptions: a qualitative study in hospitality.International Journal of ContemporaryHospitality Management,25(1), 124-139.Good food and nutrition is a part of the healthy lifestyle. combined with the physicalactivities , proper diets and nutrition can actually help one to maintain a healthy body massindex, reduce the risk of chronic diseases can promote an overall healthy status. Food safetymanagers are the one who are responsible for making sure that the employees follow safetyprotocols such that the customers do not fall ill by consuming unsafe foods (Arendt et al., 2013).It is the food safety managers that will be able to develop and oversee all the norms andthe regulations of the food safety policies and programs including the packaging operations.They are the one that provide training regarding the preservation of the food safety qualityrequirements. A duty of a manager lies in the development and the maintenance of the policies,manuals related to food safety. The role of a manager lies in conducting the safety audits andmonitoring the activities for ensuring that the products coming in and out of the facility meets thefood safety standards (Osaili et al., 2013). According to the National restaurants association,about 12.7 million of people are currently employed in the industry and very few have actuallyreceived food safety training. These article aims to focus on the perception of the managersregarding food and safety (Kafetzopoulos et al., 2013).These article uses two data analysis methods in order to answer the question about whatwould make the managers efficient to ensure that proper food and safety measures are beingfollowed in a restaurant setting. In order to do that, interviews were conducted among the focusgroups involving some of the food service managers, both the future and the current ones. Thisallowed providing depth in the data reflecting on the current perception of both the recent and thenewly graduated managers (Arendt et al., 2013). The focus group question was like,how themanagers cater to the roles of food safety? How the managers can be more effective in their
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