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Running head: FOOTBALL COACHING PLANFOOTBALL COACHING PLANName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1FOOTBALL COACHING PLANIntroductionHead coaches are entrusted with several responsibilities to make a team appropriate for National as well as the International tournaments. Theprimary aim of this assignment is to formulate a plan built on personal coaching philosophies and approaches to empower the under 18 football teamparticipants to acquire skills and integrate them in their learning sessions. The role as the head coach of the under 18 football squad requires implementationof strategies that will encompass physical, technical, tactical and psychological development of the team members. These four factors will form the pillar ofpractice of the squad members (Armour, Jones & Potrac, 2004). Our objectives for the early sessions can be summarized as-Physical Development-Physical development refers to fitness of the players.It will focus on increasing the muscle strength, suppleness,coordination, speed and agility, stretches and working on various stretching exercises, long and short sprints between the agility cones, use of weightsto ensure muscle strength (Bizzini et al., 2013).It will encompass the endurance, work rate, agility (reflex, coordination, balance, speed, andstrength), measuring starting speed during training and match play, and essential training habits on nutrition, hydration, warm-up, cool-down andprevention of injuries.Technical Development-Technical development involves the ability to first touch a ball, strike it, maintain possession, dribble and penetrate, headthe ball with defence and attack and finish with first touch.It will improve the technical moves like taking the ball, dribbles, first pass, following up,direct play, variations in the simple exercises. The training methods should also include a one and one duel between two players.Tactical Development-The tactical development will ensure that the players understand the transition from defence to offense. This will help themunderstand the speed of play and possession and will provide them the opportunity to remain aware and read the game. It will improve the technicalaspects of the attack and defence in a game situation, to boost or motivate the players for taking risky shots (Sampaio & Maçãs, 2012).
2FOOTBALL COACHING PLANoPsychological Development- The fourth pillar of the coaching will involve psychological development that will focus on the attitudes of theplayers and give them an ownership in their area of practice (Kidman & Hanrahan, 2004). It will help to understand the importance of thegame and will create a sense of sportsmanship among them. It will further assist in accepting praises and criticism from the coach, teammembers and spectators. It will improve the mental preparation of the player, training exercises including mental aspects, to play underpressure, to coordinate with the other players during the play via eye contact. Therefore it can be estimated that on accomplishing these givensets of goals the players would be ready for the upcoming rigorous practices for the upcoming tournaments.Coaching ApproachMy key philosophy for the 6 week coaching plan is to promote a holistic approach that is based upon the four pillars for long-term development ofthe under 18 team players. I will work towards enhancing the individual capabilities of each team member and will assist them to grow their skills. This willprovide them a direction to improve their balance, agility, coordination and speed. An athlete-centred approach will focus on the achievements of the youngathlete goals. It will create a positive learning environment and will cater to the demands of all the squad members. It will prioritize holistic development ofthe players.The team members will get an opportunity to enjoy their training while participating in activities that will improve their football skills. This approachwill show positive outcomes on all players irrespective of their thoughts of playing football for pure pleasure or for representing a national team in future. Astructured environment encompasses ideas of teaching games for understanding (TGfU), game sense, and long term athlete development. The concepts ofplayer empowerment and emotional intelligence will also be stressed upon. Thus, by utilising the athlete centred approach, I will be able to help the playersto increase their understanding of the game and will also encourage creativity among them. On proper utilization of the potential of each player, success will
3FOOTBALL COACHING PLANinevitably follow and their football skills will get enhanced. My players will also be more likely to stay motivated, which in turn will increase their chancesof gaining success and will produce better outcomes. On advocating my coaching philosophy among the team players, I will be able to create a sense ofinterest among them. The players will be more likely to buy in to the team direction and will become more accountable for their motivation and self-training.Therefore, the coaching approach will be able to establish a mutual direction among the players and will build a sense of positive team culture. This willcorrelate with winning of games and championships.Most people are of the view that a successful coach is one who makes the team win at all situations. While success in matches and competitions is anessential factor in determining the worth and effectiveness of a coach, the basic aim of a successful coach should be to help all players of the team achievetheir individual goals that have been set. Therefore, it is of utmost priority to develop independent athletes in a team (Horgan & Daly, 2015). This will helpthe team members develop the capability to critique self performance. The players will be able to make decisions and develop self-reflecting capacities. Theteam members will be able to correct their mistakes without relying on others (Jones, 2006). The role of a coach is not restricted to mere selection ofinstruction and training methods. A coach is also entitled with the responsibility of designing those methods based on the context of the situation in whichthe athletes are being trained. The techniques generally employed by a coach are largely dependent on the core beliefs. Therefore, I will predominantlyutilise reciprocal method characteristics in my coaching approach. This will enable my players are to recognize their mistakes, participate in effectivecooperation and communication with the team members and rectify their mistakes by analysing criticism. The approach will also help them provide feedbackon the performance (Launder, 2001). Constructivist and behavioural learning theories will prove most suitable for the under 18 squad (Quennerstedt, Öhman& Armour, 2014). Hence, my players will learn best when they are actually engaged in the activity, where practice is frequent and completed in variedcontexts.
4FOOTBALL COACHING PLANHowever, I intend to structure my coaching philosophy on a well fabricated plan and will deliver it in a sequential manner during the training period.It is of paramount importance that coaches should begin planning the sessions well before the season commences to ensure all round development of theplayers. Therefore, I have meticulously arranged 4 specific and achievable SMART goals that will be time- bound. I will deliver the coaching approachbased on a meso-cyle and a 4 session plan. These will help me in creating goals that will be criteria based and specific to the requirements of the squadmembers. Furthermore, I also intend to design training sessions that will incorporate reciprocal feedback between the players. This will eventually lead toattainment of the goals that have been set.My coaching plan will finally help the players to improve their agility. The plan will help them to jump quickly to head the ball, rapidly changedirections, and move forward to close down opponents, move sideways or backwards during transitional moments and to quickly return to the game afterbeing knocked to the ground. Furthermore, their passing and dribbling skills will improve. This will help them to have a better control over the ball. Theywill be able to demonstrate better shooting abilities and will have a greater chance of reaching their goals (Pyke, 1991). My coaching method will alsoincorporate the guided-discovery method. It will challenge the cognitive skills of the players and will eventually allow them to develop proficiency indecision-making. They will also get better adapted to unpredictable environments. Thus, it can be stated that my coaching approach will be extremelybeneficial for the players of the under 18 football squad.
5FOOTBALL COACHING PLANMeso cycleMeso-CycleWeekNo:Goals:MondayWednesdayFridaySaturdayPreseason1-2To strengthenthe foot ballskills sessions.To work onthe speed andagility.EndurancerunsShort sprintsDribbling ofball.Swimmingprograms10 minuteswarm up withdynamicstretches.10 minutespractice withshort sharpsprints.Pool recoveryprograms –free style,breast strokeswimming,and dolphinstroke.30 meter sprintMuscle strengthening bylight weights.Free style swimming.Pool recovery programslike small jogs, stretchcalves, groins.30 meter sprint fatigueEndurance runs for 4minutes at 80 % topspeed.Repetition of the samefor four times with aninterval of 4 minutesbetween each run.standing broadjumpstanding verticaljumpsit and each testShort practicematchesbetween theteams to checkthe runningspeed anddefense.Seasonbegins-Gameweek 1and 23-4Long sprintsWarming up andstretching of the bodypartsProper shooting ofthe ballTo learn aboutcontrol during thedefenseTo learn about theattacks and defend.AerobicsPracticing ofmultiple lowjumps.Swimmingfollowed by poolrecoveryactivities.Practicing of sprints with agap of 30 seconds betweeneach long sprint. Starting atthe corner flag and at thetop speed sprinting towardsthe diagonally opposite flags.Recovery and theoryhow to prepare for theupcoming matches,Game 11v11 (3x10’),full pitch/half pitch.Warm upmatch.Game5-6Warm up (same asthe last two weeks)Practicing ofsoccer bowlingHead to the coach- Theteam is divided into 2Watch film of previousgames highlightingWorking onphysical and
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