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Forensic medicineSTATEMENT ASSESSMENTSIntroductionThis report herein is submitted as statement evaluation examination which formscrucial basis in determining the suspects accused of causing deaths. When making the finalconclusion of the death as either natural or unnatural, which can be accidental, homicidal orsuicidal, the scientific interpretation of the available evidence of crime scene shows traces ofevidences of dead body, while circumstantial evidence are relevant in determining the exactcause of death, (Lucas & Denton, 2015). This is further can be strengthened by chemicalanalysis and Histo pathological examination which is important along the post mortemfindings, (Agggrawal, 2014). Hence this report will seek to establish the cause of death of adead victim and enable in linking up the connection between the evidence and accusedpersons who have already recorded the statements.Key witness statements; statement A ; Girl friendThe statement from the girl friend suggests that they were drinking with his boyfriendin the bar, with her sited next to the victim. Then suddenly a guy came and directed himselfto where McTuff’s was seated. They chatted briefly with him, however he looked suspicious.As the girl friend didn’t want any trouble, he reached out for his boy friend. As she was doingso, she saw the person hovering a knife a shiny knife and in a twinkle of an eye, McTuffs wasalready n the floor. From the Girlfriend, McTuffs was bleeding profusely in the floor. Thenthe girl behind the bar called the police and ambulance.Expected injuriesMultiple injuries expected at the head and the back side of the body. It is expected thatthe stab wound on the right flank area expectedly 29 inches and 3-1.5 inches in front areexpected to be seen. The wounds will involve injury to subcutaneous and skin penetration onthe tissues without in-depth penetration on the chest was and the abdominal area.2
Forensic medicineThe wound can further penetrate the skin and the intercostals musculature towards thepleural cavity into the right intercostals space without the striking rib. There will belikelihood of fresh hemorrhage and bruising to be noted on the part along the wound.The wound can be also be stabbed at the left side of the back. This wound willtransversely be on the left side of the back, with measurements approximating to 33 inchesbelow the head level and 4 inches in front of the body.Further due to the standing posture of standing, the wound can be expected to bebeneath the skin in the subcutaneous tissue without reaching the chest cavity. Through theintercostals musculature and penetration ate the pleural cavity. The direction can be from theright side to the left side with no deviations as there no other deviations.Injuries relating to respiratory system will be minimal if not none. There will be noevidence or suggestion of obstruction of airway. With great observations there will be nolesions. The victim based on this statement could be dead due to several stab wounds at theback and frontal abdomen.The body physical appearance indicate some bruising on the left temporal and theadjoining fronto-parietal scalp, there are abrasion on the left side of the face. The presence oflaceration on the left half of upper lip, this diffuses traumatic subdural haemorrhage which isobserved in the brain as it appears as thin layer. The presence of haemorrhage is contused inthe softened area on the base of the left frontal lobe of the brain part.There is presence of linear abrasion which measures 1.5x0.2 cm, which is present onthe frontal part of the neck side. Further there is evidence of fractured hyoid bone withcomplete signs of displacement on the fractured site, which lies the beneath of abrasions.The presence of abrasions cuts on the skin indicates that the skin has deep cuts, whichwas caused by blunt object victim. This can be an indicative of blunt object being hit on theupper head section of the head. There is presence of lacerations which causes tearing on the3
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