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FORM 1SECTION A: TO BE FILLED BY THELEARNERQualification (Program)Unit Number And TitleHIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS6MANAGING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PROJECTLearnerNameAssessor NameSaadia AminDR. PHILIP GUBBAYDate IssuedHand In DeadlineSubmitted On09-10-1711-11-17Assignment titlePROJECT THEME 01SEP17 – 31AUG18In this assessment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteria.Indicate the page numbers where the evidence can be found.Learning outcomeCriteriareferenceTo achieve the criteria theevidence must show that thelearner is able to:TaskNo.Evidence onpage noLO1Establish project aims,objectives and timeframesbased on the chosen theme.P1Devise project aims and objectivesfor a chosen scenario.214P2Produce a projectmanagementplan that covers aspects of cost,scope, time, quality,Communication, risk andresources.214-15-16-17P3Produce a work breakdownstructure and a Gantt chart toprovide timeframes and stages forcompletion.217M1Produce a comprehensiveproject management plan,milestone schedule and projectschedule for monitoring andcompleting the aims andobjectives of the project216D1Critically evaluate the projectmanagement process andappropriateresearchmethodologies applied.219-20LO2Conduct small-scaleresearch, informationgathering and datacollection, generatingP4Carry out small-scale researchby applying qualitative andquantitative research methodsappropriate for meeting projectaims and objectives13
knowledge to support theproject.M2Evaluate the accuracy andreliability of different researchmethods applied16-7-8-9D1Critically evaluate the projectmanagement process andappropriateresearchmethodologies applied.219-20LO3Present the project andcommunicate appropriaterecommendations based onmeaningful conclusionsdrawn from the evidencefindings and/or analysisP5Analyse research and data usingappropriate tools andtechniques.18-9-10-11-12-13P6Communicate appropriaterecommendations as a result ofresearch and data analysisto draw valid and meaningfulconclusions.19-10-11-12-13M3Evaluate the selection ofappropriate tools and techniquesfor accuracy and authenticity tosupport and justifyrecommendations113D2Critically evaluate and reflect onthe project outcomes, the decisionmaking process and changes ordevelopments of the initial projectmanagement plan to supportjustification of recommendationsand learning during the project318-19-20LO4Reflect on the value gainedfrom conducting the projectand its usefulness to supportsustainable organisationalperformanceP7Reflect on the value ofundertaking the research tomeet stated objectives and ownlearning and performance319M4Evaluate the value of theproject management process anduse of quality research to meetstated objectives and supportown learning and performance320D2Critically evaluate and reflect onthe project outcomes, the decisionmaking process and changes ordevelopments of the initial projectmanagement plan to supportjustification of recommendationsand learning during the project318-19-20PlagiarismPlagiarism is a particular form of cheating. Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs and studentswho break the rules, however innocently, may be penalised. It is your responsibility to ensure thatyou understand correct referencing practices. As a university level student, you are expected touse appropriate references throughout and keep carefully detailed notes of all your sources ofmaterialsfor material you have used in your work, including any material downloaded from the
Internet.Please consult the relevant unit lecturer or your course tutor if you need any furtheradvice.Learner declarationI certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. I have clearly referenced any sources used in thework. I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice.Learner Name : Saadia Amin Date:SECTION B: TO BE FILLED BY THEFACULTYMEMBERLearning OutcomeEvidence for thecriteriaMet thecriteria?FeedbackPass Level
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