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FORMS OF MEDIA[Document subtitle]
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PART 1:Form BenefitsDrawbacksObjectsAn excellent method for the clarification of ideas and provides the dramatic effect.Some of the objects cannot be used adequately in the speeches.ModelsIt demonstrates the objects indetails.Models cannot be large enough so that the people at the back can see.PhotographsThe placement and size of the photograph are easily adjusted from the web.Sometimes the size of the photographis very small which cannot be seen bythe audience.DrawingsIt helps in illustrating the opinion exactly and helps in understanding the information more clearly.Sometimes the drawings can be presented in a wrong way and makes difficult for the audience to understand.GraphsThis helps in showing patterns and statistical trends to the audience.The different types of graphs have different meanings, and if the audience doesn't understand that difference then they misinterpret the outcome (Lanahan et al., 2014).ChartsThey are impactful as the visual tool and it summaries the statistics and visual aids successfully.Sometimes the speaker puts too muchdata on the visual aids which make difficult for the audience to understand.TransparenciesThey are broadly used for theproblems of math or in order to develop an interactive session. They can be used again and again.The transparencies which are handwritten are very confusing and are not clear because of the inadequate alignment.VideosVideos can be recorded with the help of smartphones and are further used in presentations.Sometimes the videos are not edited and tapped in an appropriate manner and contain various distractions which make difficult to understand.Multimedia presentationsThis improvises the connection in the professional and personal lives. It is simple to use and enhance effectiveness.The cost of installation of software onthe computer is very high, and some of the types of presentation need hardware.SpeakersThis helps the people who are impaired who face challenges in using such devices. This provides help to the people who are new to the age of digitalization in It is time-consuming and requires more space on the computer system.
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