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Foundation of Human Service: Essay

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Added on  2020-02-23

Foundation of Human Service: Essay

   Added on 2020-02-23

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Running head: FOUNDATION OF HUMAN SERVICE DISCIPLINEFoundation of Human Service DisciplineName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
Foundation of Human Service: Essay_1
1FOUNDATION OF HUMAN SERVICE DISCIPLINEThe purpose of this essay is to examine healthcare service as a social issue and theessay further highlights on the past and after those theoretically informed recommendationsare provided in the essay. It is a matter of fact that healthcare in the land of Australia isprovided by hospitals and nursing homes operated by either government or by publicorganizations and also by private medical practitioners and medical clinics. In most cases thecost of medical support or treatment is paid by the insurance companies and if the sumsurpasses the insured amount then the patient has to pay that sum. It is seen that Medicare canbe referred to as Australia’s universal healthcare system and it is the main health scheme thatprovides subsidiaries most of the medical costs of all the Australian citizens and the residentsof the country (Touati & Tabish, 2013). There are also some other schemes that supports themedical costs in some special situations , like those schemes subsidizes the medical costs ofthe war veterans or the indigenous people of Australia. In some cases for the tourists, thereare some travel insurance schemes that cover the medical costs of the tourists. It is seen that Australian healthcare system actually provides a global access to acomprehensive range of various services which is hugely funded by the general taxation ofthe government (Srinivasan & Arunasalam, 2013). Medicare, Australia’s healthcare systemwas initially introduced in the year of 11984 that supports the medical costs of in publichospitals health clinics and also provides subsidiaries to various medical services. Thesuccess of Australian healthcare system becomes clear when a statistics came in front statingthat in general the life expectancy of the people of Australia ranks third among all the nationsworldwide (Sturmberg, O'halloran & Martin, 2012). There are some matter of concerns alsopreset in Australian healthcare services, such as increasing rate of obesity, diabetes, aging andmental illness and many more. Apart from that a long gap is seen in the healthcare servicesprovided for the regular citizens of Australia and the indigenous people of Australia.
Foundation of Human Service: Essay_2
2FOUNDATION OF HUMAN SERVICE DISCIPLINEMost of the medical practitioners are engaged in private medical practices who takefees for the services they offer. MBS (Medical Benefits Schedule) fixes a price or fee foreach objects or service that is covered by Medicare for which the federal governmentprovides a fixed rebate. The Medicare Benefit Schedule provides all the medical servicesprovided by the hospitals and also in-hospital medical services for the private patients. It isalso a fact that the government allows the private practitioners to set their own fees thatexpose the patients in front of extra charges. In most cases e 70% medical costs gets coveredby Medicare, and the rest has to be paid by the individuals. In Australia, a strong medical careunit is seen and the general practitioners serve the role of a gate keeper, as they check thepatients and refer them to the specialists. The treatments done by the specialists get coveredby Medicare if only the patient has been referred to a specialist by a general practitioner.In the land of Australia, it is seen that government is trying very hard to providemedical supports to the citizens of the country, but in some cases a huge partiality is seen.Such as, in today’s world, the aboriginal people of Australia are seen not getting propermedical support from the government due to various reasons. It is seen that Australiangovernment has stopped the educational programs specially designed for the aboriginalpeople, because they thought that it might affect the teaching of English language in theircountry. Due to lack of proper education the aboriginal people often gets exposed in front ofvarious diseases (Selkirk et al., 2013). It is also seen that many aboriginal people reside at theremote areas of the country where there are no proper communication system and people wholive there are deprived of the medical supports provided by the government. In most cases theaged aboriginal people of Australia gets deprived of these medical supports provided by thegovernment. In the year of 1850 the New South Wales Board of Health was established after anepidemic caused by small pox disease. The purpose behind the forming of this board was to
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