Literature Review on Foundations of Bible based Christ Worldview

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Running head: FOUNDATIONS OF BIBLE BASED CHRIST WORLDVIEWFoundations of Bible based Christ WorldviewName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1FOUNDATIONS OF BIBLE BASED CHRIST WORLDVIEW1. DescriptionThe main topic of description in this book is the fact how much the God loves the humanbeings. It is a known thing that the human beings are considered as the children of God and Godcreated them in His own image. In this context, it can be said that the God is the father of all thehuman beings. Therefore, he has to play the role of a proper father as he takes care of all thechildren and protects them from all the evils. God is considered to be a part of the Holy Trinity inthe Christianity (Noble, 2013). The book talks about the great painting of Stedelijk Museum thatis titled asMan,but it is to be countered that the original name of the painting of Karel Apple’swork wasMy Father.Generally, the human beings see God as a loving father and bestow utmostlove and respect for Him. It is believed by the human beings that the God is an impersonal beingwho is very hard to be seen or known by a human being personally (Bass, 2012).Sunday is considered to be the day for the mass prayer of God in the churches andeveryone prays to Him seriously for their well-being and the peace in the entire world. In thisbook a new point has been added to look at the God. Most of the people desire to build a strongrelationship with Him but it all goes in vain as He cannot be seen by the human beings (Borg &Wright, 2014).This book tells that the God has created in His image but in a smaller scale thanHis. The message of God is love all the fellow human beings but not to hate them and engagethem in hating and killing each other. The earth is the creation of the God and He sent the humanbeings into earth to protect His creation (Milne, 2012).The true father of human beings God hadsent the human beings to spread love and respect all over but the selfishness of the human beingshas prevented the human beings from being that kind of beings.God has always cared for the human beings and gave them all sorts of freedom that theycan expect. The selfishness is an evil that has restricted the human beings from doing the
2FOUNDATIONS OF BIBLE BASED CHRIST WORLDVIEWcommon good for the human society (Kastenbaum, 2015).The book depicts the things why thepeople in this world always fall into sins. However, this book is not properly addressed tosexuality but discusses the fact that human beings have to manage themselves before conductinganything. After reading this book, it can be said that God is very much affectionate for thehuman beings since as well as His Son, Jesus Christ (Kasper, 2012).One of the most reasons forthe committing of sin is the grief among the human beings. The author has again and again putfocus on the sorrows of the human beings and said that these sorrows can be easily healed byGod (Noble, 2013).2. AnalysisIn this purpose, the purpose is to analyze the different themes of the book. The mainthings that the book deals with are the sinfulness of the human beings and the healing power ofthe God. It has been believed that the emotional wounds that the children suffer in theirchildhood. This becomes a big barrier for them in order to understand the power of God and Hisbenevolence (Johnson, 2015).He indeed takes care of all His children but some haveexperienced the contrary things. This has become a hollow place in their lives. In the times ofremembering God, many people call Him to be the God but some people hesitate to call Him sobecause He is invisible and those human beings cannot see Him. This would be very muchembarrassing for the human beings because they feel uncomfortable for the human beings to callsomeone father whom they even cannot see (Johnson, 2015).In Bible, it has been depicted and said that God has given the human beings the power tocall the people to be His children who have believed in Him and believed that He has all thepowers to control the activities of the human beings (Fee & Stuart, 2014).The children of Godmust believe that Jesus came into this earth as the son of God and he was crucified by the
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