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Weekly Portfolio Learning TableDescription of topics including reading samplesLearning outcomes of the courseLearning from your experience, this and prior unit reading, assignmentsSupporting documentation including your prior learningWeek 4 A Description of how systems engineeringconcepts and methodologies can help a project manager organise a projectPart 2-SEBok System Approach Applied to Engineering System-Part 5-SEBoKHow an enterprise prepares as well as positions itself in The main aim of this course to describe how the use of systems engineering concepts as well as methodologies is capable of helping project managers to effectively organize their respective projects.The objective of this week is aimed atdepicting how the application of systemapproach can be used in theidentification and understanding ofcomplex opportunities or problems abdsynthesize any alternatives. It is alsoaimed at analysing and selectingalternatives that are deemed to be themost appropriate and ensure that there isimplementation and approval of viablesolutions (Kerzner, 2013). It will seek todepict the importance of ensuring thatall the stakeholders participate activelyin all the activities using a holisticapproach. -It will present an overview of what ismeant by system approach throughgiving brief description of variousterminologies such as situation system,respondent system, and system assets(Aziati et al, 2013). -Part 2: Foundations of Systems Engineering - 'Knowledge Area: Systems Approach Applied to Engineered Systems';Part 5: Enabling Systems Engineering; Kerzner (2013) Chapters 1.21; 2.16--Al-Mamary Y.H., Shamsuddin A, & Aziati N., (2013) "The Impact of Management Information Systems Adoption in Managerial Decision Making: A Review" Management Information Systems Vol 8, No. 4: pp. 010-017; -PMI (2013) The Standard for Program Management -- Third Edition Chapter 2;-PMI (2013) The Standard for Portfolio Management -- Third Edition Chapter 2 & 3; -Nicholas & Steyn Chapter 5 & 13; Visit the PMI web site for Portfolio Management - 1of 2

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