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Culture Assignment: Free Culture

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head: FREE CULTUREFREE CULTUREName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1FREE CULTURE1. Copyright allows someone to hold the right of the intellectual property. It is similarto a trademark. Once an original composition has been fixed in any medium, including themusical medium, the composer would be granted exclusive rights to his or her piece of work(Lemley and Reese 2013). The copyright could be applicable only after the recording orwriting is being completed.In popular music, a cover song or cover version is simply the new version orrecording of the commercially released previously recorded song. Any other performer otherthan the original artist sings the cover version.On the other hand, in music, sample is taken and reused in another way. The act oftaking a portion of the music is called sampling. In modern days, samplings are used heavilyby different artists in different ways (Manselland Steinmueller2013). The samplings are alsopreviously recorded versions of musical pieces. Artists use these sampling taken from thepreviously recorded musical pieces.Both the cover version of songs and sampling music break the copyright act ofcreating trademark to the musical pieces. The creator of the musical pieces could only holdthe trademark. In the cover versions, the new artist could modify the song completely in adifferent manner (Manselland Steinmueller2013). In the cover version of a musical piece,creativity of the new artist is exposed. The new artist perceives the musical piece completelyin a different manner. In the sampling, the creativity of the user is exposed when he identifiesthe area of application of the sampling (Eble2013). Covering a song or sampling both are thecreative works that are restricted by copyright.Copyright limits or negotiates the production of cover music or application of samplemusic. As copyright hold an exclusive right that limits the reproduction, distribution,performance of the original piece and creation of the derivatives works, it does not allow
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