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Functionality of The Oral B Braun 5000 Electric Toothbrush - Doc

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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INTRODUCTIONThe Oral B Braun 5000 electric toothbrush has Bluetooth app and includes a travel casethat packs the brush handle, charger, and brush heads for up to 4 people. The package comeswith a user manual and a smart guide. The toothbrush and smart guide are described in details inthe next sections under functionalities. The toothbrush and the smart guide works well to help thephysically challenged persons who need to maintain their dental hygiene on their own. It isimportant for the working class as it helps them save on time while cleaning their teeth. Theeffects of using this toothbrush are evident as the brush lifts off the plaque which causesyellowing of the teeth.FUNCTIONALITIES OF THE ORAL B BRAUN 5000 ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHFigure1Oral B Braun 5000 Electric Toothbrush [source:]The toothbrush has a brush handle and brush head. The brush handle has a smart screen whichinteracts and synchronizes with the smart guide. The toothbrush is used in brushing teeth and ithas flossing capabilities as well.The toothbrush handle is waterproof and this feature ensures that the electrical components of thetoothbrush are intact. The toothbrush head is wet in the sink and paste is applied on to it inpreparation for brushing. The brush handle is fitted to the brush head using an adhesive band toensure it does not slip out.The brush is powered on and guided slowly from one tooth to the next for each quadrant toensure cleaning is effective. It is recommended for a user to clean the teeth from the outsides tothe insides and then the top chewing parts. Unfortunately, some users tend to bleed the first time
they interact with the brush but after sometime they get used to it and set the brush modes totheir desired modes.Some of the common brushing modes available for this electric toothbrush are daily clean, deepclean, sensitive mode, whitening mode, gum care mode, and tongue cleaning mode. Usuallywhen cleaning the tongue, the user sets the tooth brush to sensitive mode.The brush is keen to notice any pressure anomalies from the normal prescribed pressure. Thisoccurs when a user applies too much force on the toothbrush while brushing. The toothbrushnotices that using the pressure sensor and sends red indicator signals to the brush alerting theuser to reduce the pressure. Too much pressure could be a cause of bleeding especially for thesensitive areas of the mouth such as the tongue area and gum area.Figure2Oral B Toothbrush with a Pressure Alert or warning [source:]Another key component of the toothbrush is the timer. There are two modes namely theprofessional timer and the 2-minute timer. These are usually set on the user’s preference forinstance the daily clean mode requires a user to brush their teeth for about 30 seconds for eachquadrant while the professional mode would require up to 45 seconds. This is commonespecially if the deep clean mode has been activated. The figure below shows the SmartScreenon the toothbrush and the display on time and radio connectivity feature.
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