Innovation in Construction: A Critical Review

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Fundamentals associated with an ideaInnovation in ConstructionInnovation refers to creative unique idea or concept which is favourable to improve the effectiveness ofspecific procedures. Innovation in construction industry consist effective ideas which are helpful to makerelevant tasks easy or improve effectiveness of design or buildings. However, the selected innovative ideais to utilise the halophyte filters while constructing the City Hall by Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd. The mainreason behind use of this idea is to maintain freshness of environment with the help of purifying the airalong with reducing the pollution. It is helpful to balance the ration between polluted gases release fromthe building and the fresh air of atmosphere. In addition to this, it has been analysed the implementation ofhalophyte filters in construction industry is helpful to reduce the ratio of polluting that occurs to makebuilding. It is much capable to improve environment of inside and outside of the building pollution free.At the other hand, the adoption of halophyte filters is helpful for organisation, people and atmosphere indifferent manner. It is favourable for organisation to satisfy their customers as well as improve brandimage among government authorities that facilitate to decrease the chance of occurring crisis in future.Meanwhile, it is observed that reduction in pollution will help to increase freshness of air which is suitablefor citizens in terms of gaining pure air which provide support to reduce the occurrence of various healthproblems. Moreover, halophyte filters are helpful to reduce long terms problems like global warming,pollution and ozone depletion which will save the Earth.Selection of an innovation ideaThe idea of implementing halophyte filters is very much effective ion terms of supportingatmosphere to remain pollution free which is suitable for health of people. It includesvarious aspects which are required to determine in terms of evaluating related issues so thatthey can be solved earlier to gain success of this project. Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd canapply halophyte filters at the time of constructing City hall which may develop few ofproblem for them. Basically, this procedure take more time than the previous one andrequire extra cost for executing the plan to adopt this concept. However, it has beenanalysed that employees resistance can be faced by organisation because their low level ofknowledge to adopt the idea. It is necessary for given company to organise appropriatetraining sessions to make them able for working on new idea in proper manner. In addition to this, discussion with stakeholders like owners, investors,shareholders, government and staff members is required to gain suggestions aboutimplementation of halophyte filters. It is necessary to discuss for analysing chance ofsuccess of this concept and management of additional cost can be done easily. Meanwhile,it is observed that extra cost of manufacturing and increase timeline of selected project forconstructing City Hall is required to be managed by making proper plan. Basically, it iscostly and time consuming at initial level but provide benefits in long terms to organisationfor achieving satisfaction of people along with increase bran image in market. It willfacilitate to attract new clients along with retaining the current ones that boost upprofitability of the Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd.

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