31260|42017 Fundamentals of Interaction Design

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Assessment 1:Journal AssignmentNameEntry#:Tutor:WhereI am working from home on my system designed by Acergateway having 4 GB of primary memory, 500 GB harddrive and having Intel Pentium processors inside. I wasusing the chrome browser and is connected to the internetby a broadband connection.WhenIt was Friday afternoon and I was performing the actionssitting on my bed. I was in worried about the Windows setup in my system and hence I was surfing through theinternet looking for help on the matter. The interaction wasof about 20-25v minutes.[DESCRIBE][EXPLAIN][RESPOND]The user and the user’s activity.What technology was being used and what was the intended goal ofthe use to support the user’s activity?I am a student who is using an Acer Gateway NE46Rs laptop and was confused if my laptop would supportthe latest software upgrades in my system.This is because I use my laptop for every kind of work and iwant it to be upgraded to the latest software technologies so that I can work on my system with theuninterrupted services.What happened? What was the interaction like? How was the interaction shaped by the design?Successes/problems?Iused the Google services for the help on the internet. I was looking to have information about my systemand wanted to know that if my system would be responding efficiently to the system upgrades that I wouldbe implementing in my system.Figure 1: Microsoft HomepageAt first I visited the website of the company I was informed about the Windows 10 creator update. The website wasvery convenient for a user. The website has displayed the instruction quite clearly for the user so that he can performthe activities very efficiently. There was information about the update that the Windows 10 will notify the userautomatically whenever the update for the device that I am using right now. When the update is ready I would beasked to review the privacy settings that I have implemented in my system. After the installation of the update mysystem would be running on the Windows 10 version 1073.This not satisfactory for me and I wanted furtherinformation regarding the update for my system.Hence, I had clicked on the check Your version of Windows 10button as displayed on figure 2.Figure 2. Button on the Homepage
Assessment 1:Journal AssignmentAfter I had click on the button, I was shown that my system was compatible for the upgrade of the system. Therewere two options on the Download Windows 10 page.Figure 3: Download Windows 10 pageOne was update now and the other was the Download tool now. The update now link would have provided theassistance in helping me upgrade to the latest version of the Windows 10. But, for the installation of the update in mysystem I had to obtain a license to install the windows 10 in my system. For, this I was required to create aninstallation tool for the implementation of the upgrade on the system. Hence, my next was to visit the Update Nowtab since, the update was already available for my system.
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