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Fundamentals of Communication
1. Persuasive Techniques in Advertising Work
The primary goal of an advertisement is to provide the customers with the right
information regarding an existing product in the market. A persuasive technique like the
famous-person testimonial uses a famous football star or a music artist for marketing a
product to the consumers. For instance, Tiger Woods has done a lot of advisements for
companies like Nike, American Express, Rolex, ABC, ESPN, and a lot more (Campbell et
al., 2010). The approach works because a customer will watch a program or by an item
simply because a great golf player Like Tiger Woods is linked to the product or service.
Another technique, which is the plain-folks pitch, is about being simple. This approach
utilizes simple slogans to convince the clientele, like, for instance, when a company like
Volkswagen says, “Drivers needed.” The advertisement is so simple, and a customer does not
need any advanced skills to understand the message (Drew and Gottschall, 2018).
Additionally, there is the snob-appeal approach that targets the individuals who want to
maintain their social status; consequently, this tactic is used frequently by advertisers in the
jewellery, perfume, and clothing industry (Campbell et al., 2010).
2. TV Commercials
A lot of TV commercials have trended since 2019, and this includes the Gillette
advertisement, which had a slogan “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” and the Microsoft
ad, which was tagged “We All Win.” Additionally, there was this advertisement regarding the
Washington Post, which had a message regarding democracy in journalism (Pratiwi, 2019).
My most favourite commercial was the one that focused on Gillette and democracy in the
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journalism industry. The ad was one of the best commercials in 2019, which had people
talking since its launch. The piece created a lot of social awareness regarding social justice
and political issues. Importantly, the advert talked about problems related to toxic masculinity
to the spotlight. A lot of men who felt attacked by the commercial rebuked it because they
viewed the ad as scandalous showcase. The advertisement was so great that almost everyone
ended up talking about Gillette (Altberg et al., 2018).
Regarding the Washington Post, it came in handy touching on the controversies in the
journalism industry in a very bold and unapologetic manner. The Washington Post was trying
to regain the trust of the viewers by proving they are still the best in providing credible news
to the viewers (Campbell et al., 2011). The whole commercial was costly, which was coupled
with a powerful and painful message, and, I would say the initiative was worth it.
3. The Myth Analysis
I have been caught up in moments where I get persuaded to believe something even
though I had a different belief regarding the issue. An instance occurred when an SUV
commercial made me believe that I could use the vehicle to access places that I knew only the
Jeep and Hummer could access. Subsequently, this created a lot of conflicts because it was
like living in the fantasy world and the real world. The advertisers used the myth analysis to
convince me otherwise because they majorly focused on me, the organization, and the social
norms. They provided me with a narrative story that left assessing my beliefs regarding all
idea of SUV acting as a Jeep or Hummer. In most cases, SUVs are best for their ability to
navigate through fast-paced urban centres like in traffic jams (Campbell et al., 2011). The
commercial was avoiding the facts like the crowding of SUVs in suburban highways, how
they burn gasoline and cause air pollution.
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