Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Java Programming

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Fundamentals of Operating Systems and JavaProgramming.Volbank Computer System is tasked on simply matching volunteers andvolunteer organizations on regard onOpportunities available by notifying both parties, via either fax or Email.Hence on review of the case study it was apparent to come up with amanner of analyzing the system explaining the collaboration of entitieswithin the system.A use case diagram is used to describe the relations of entities (Usecases) that make up a system that is actors and use cases. Actors can behuman or external systems, use cases are roles.Q1.a)List the actors and use cases that you think areainvolved with the systemActorUse case1VolunteerCreate account
Add time2VolbankHandlenotificationsTransfer dataRecord timeRecord needsVolbankHandle matchingRecord matchRecord successfulmatchesvolbankProduceagreements3OrganizationCreate accountOutline needs4Web serverHandle accounts.b)Which actors have an association with which use cases?
ActorAssociationUse case1VolunteerassociatesCreateaccountAdd time2VolbankassociatesHandlenotificationsTransferdataRecord timeRecordneedsHandlematchingRecordmatchRecordsuccessfulmatchesProduceagreements
3OrganizationassociatesCreateaccountOutlineneeds4Web serverassociatesHandleaccounts.c)Which are the priority use cases for elaboration?Priority use cases for elaboration include:i.Create account use case.ii.Handle accounts use caseiii.Add timeiv.Handle notifications.d)Provide the UML diagram.