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Fundamentals of Management - Assignment

Added on - 31 May 2021

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Running head: FUNDEMENTALS OF MANAGEMENTFundamentals of ManagementName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1FUNDEMENTALS OF MANAGEMENTDecision making is the process of deciding about something that is important with agroup of people or in an organization and is the most important aspect in the modernmanagement1. It would be unethical to provide the health care service the experimental vaccineto treat the people of West Africa. This is because providing the vaccine to the healthcareproviders will be going against the design of the health authorities of Australia and will causebiasness towards the health care provider. This might hamper the health of the West Africans asthe vaccine has not been tested on humans. The following paragraphs of the essay will discussabout the steps of decision making and the need to apply ethics in the decision making process.Decision making is the process of making choices after identifying the problem,gathering information and assessing alternative solutions2. Adopting the step-by-step decisionmaking process is helpful in making more purposeful and precise decisions along with properorganization of the authentic information and the alternatives to the solution. The process ofeffective decision making involves an eight step process. The step-by step process of decisionmaking is as follows;The first step involves through analysis of the problem. Certain strategic or criticalfactors should be considered while defining the problem. These factors create obstacles in theway while finding proper solutions and are hence called the limiting factors3. For instance, if a1Ayyub, B.M., 2014. Systems resilience for multihazard environments: Definition, metrics, and valuation fordecision making.Risk Analysis,34(2), pp.340-355.2Power, D.J., Sharda, R. and Burstein, F., 2015.Decision support systems. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.3Kelley, P.G., Cranor, L.F. and Sadeh, N., 2013, April. Privacy as part of the app decision-making process.InProceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems(pp. 3393-3402). ACM.
2FUNDEMENTALS OF MANAGEMENTmachine has stopped working due to the lack or non-availability of screws, the screw is thelimiting factor in this case. While selecting the alternative solution to the problem, the more thecritical factors are considered, the better and effective the solutions are. After the problem hasbeen defined, the second step is to gather the relevant and authentic information regarding theproblem. Effective decisions are made when proper information has been gathered.The third step involves the setting up of the baseline criteria for choosing the alternatives to theproblem. All the organizational as well as the cultural goals are considered while defining thecriteria. After the development of various alternatives, the best alternative has to be considered.The four main points that should be considered prior to the selection of the alternatives includesThe risk element that is involved has to be taken into account which is involved in each course ofaction prior to the actual profit. The cost of the effort that is involved which involves securingthe desired results giving the least effort. The decision and the action must be completed in astipulated span of time. The limited resources that are available affect the final selection of thedecisions4.At the fifth point of time, the selected decision is put for action. The most importantthings that should be considered for in order to deliver the proper and effective problem includesthe selected decisions should be properly communicated to the subordinates or to the othermembers of the group. The decision that is delivered has to be presented in a clear and in anunderstandable manner. The decision must be accepted by the subordinates. Group participationand involvement of the other employees facilitates execution of the decisions smoothly. The planshould be executed at the right time so that there are minimum chances of the change in the plan.4Dahl, R.A., 2017. Decision-making in a democracy: The Supreme Court as a national policy-maker.InConstitutionalism and Democracy(pp. 137-154). Routledge.
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