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Future of HCL. The world in which we are living is dyna

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Added on  2019-09-16

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Future of HCLThe world in which we are living is dynamic in nature and has become suffused with a differenttype of computer technologies. Latest technologies bring continuous change in the life of humanbeings. Future of the interfaces will fully cover with latest and innovative technologies such asGUI, NUI, and OUI (Harper & Rodden.). These technologies will change the whole interfacesystem in the existing world. GUI is known as the graphical user interface which will core wayof designing interfaces. With the help of graphical user interface, one will be able to completevisual tasks to receive results like clicking on a link to open a new page. GUI interface designsystem will be a combination of metaphors and standards that guide an organization in thesuccessful implementation of their web designs. This will provide options to the organization togrow in the near future by gaining competitive advantage in existing market. Apart of it, NUI isknown as a natural user interface a recent evolution is facing by every information technologyorganization. It is utilized today to a lesser degree, but in future, it will use more because it willenhance the efficiency of the organizations towards the standard environment (Mcfarland). NUIfocus more on doing it bring unpredictable changes in the environment of an organization(Levine, 2014). It can be said the next generation of interfaces will be based on VDUs to smartfabrics. It is known as a fixed video display unit which brings different flexible technologiestowards smart fabrics (Kimoto, 2014). In the near future the functions of web designers shiftingmore towards the job of information architects and interface designers. This brings differenttechnological advantages for the organizations.
Future of HCL. The world in which we are living is dyna_1

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Future of HCL. The world in which we are living is dyna

Future of HCL. The world in which we are living is dyna