Hunt Your Strengths & Weaknesses To Win The Battle-Game Design Report


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TITLE OF GAMETAGLINE OF GAME“Hunt your strengths and weaknesses to winthe Battle”GAME PLATFORMThis game is launched on three different platforms such as Android, Windows or Pc and IOSthat is used in the Apple gadgets. The idea behind launching the game in this entire mode is tocapture all parts of the society to increase the count of downloads of the given game.Android- It is widely used platform which is supportable in all the smart phones to target widenumber of customers. Windows or Pc- This platform will target all the middle class people who have laptops or pc candownload this game and enjoy the content.IOS- This game will be helpful in making their career and it is a reality check to analyse all thestrengths and weaknesses that enhance or suppress an individual’s personality in the cover ofweaknesses.2

Technology usedVirtual Reality technology will be used in which an individual will be given particularsituation and in that situation he/she have to make important decisions which shows theirgood analytical ability as strength and weaknesses they are not able to take decisions.Face and voice recognition technique will be used to create 3D image of a person in thegame as they completely lose their real identity while playing this game.4K displays and 8-Bit graphics is used to create good and attractive image of the overallgame which is like a journey which have different phases that needs to be complete in orderto find their identity that is strengths, weaknesses which complete makes a good person.Wearable gaming is that technology in which gamers will be offered with glasses withoutwhich the game will not start as this gives complete 3D experience while playing real role intheir life.Paragraph about Pitch3

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