Gamification to Enhance User Engagement

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RUNNING HEAD:GamificationGAMIFICATIONGamification to enhance user engagement
Gamification to enhance user engagement1How does the practice of gamification aim to enhance user engagement in the present?Gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics to motivate or engage employees thatensure to work better. An organization uses gamification strategy to reward employees if theyperform well or accomplish task better than competitors and the rewards are like providingachievement badges, bonus points or filling of progress bar and many more.Gamification is nothing but using game elements for non-game applications that helps toencourage people focusing on consumer oriented web and mobile sites (Muntean, 2011, Page no.323).Today, every organization is focused on obtaining their objectives, gamification has helpedthem to become more productive by engaging most of the employee in hard work and dedication.With the help of gamification, employees are engaged more towards their work which ultimatelyreflects in the change of their behavior.Businesses today uses gamification as a major techniqueto enhance their business operations (Burke, 2013).It is often said that when an employee workswith more fun, an organization gets more and better work as an output. An organization shouldreward customers for their engagement in fun activities. Moreover it can also be examined thatmost of the Americans are interested in working for those company who uses gamificationtechniques to increase productivity. So, in order to understand the gamification technique, onemust understand first how and why it works on employee engagement and motivation as well.An organization must learn how to implement gamification technique skillfully and successfully.Gamification provides platforms which are designed for business-to consumer (B2C) purposes(Herzig, 2012, page no. 219)where the business targets their customers to increase theirinvolvement.Gamification has proved as one of the best technique successful to engage customers andmotivate them to change their behaviors and solve difficulties and manage the hurdles. Thebusiness that uses gamification technique uses several designs that are simple and easy to useand that lead to higher improvements as well.Users are motivated on continues basis and thepsychology behind it is that users gain positive feedback that include increment in progress bar,badges, status, points and many more (Hamari, 2013).When a business uses this technique, usersare motivated to challenge difficult task with more simplicity and they believe that they can do1
Gamification to enhance user engagement2difficulty task in a simplified form. Every individual today wants more and more and if they aremotivated through rewards, they will enhance their interest in working more and for this, abusiness should focus on creating better and innovating techniques to increase employeesproductivity. Some people are achievement oriented and they want some pay off or prize to keepthem focused on oriented towards their work and they feel rewarded when receives prize andthus generates better output as a result.Let’s take an example of foursquare.This application helps the user to gain reward points andbadges when they check in at different location and share their experiences with others. Thisprovides an opportunity to the employees to discounts on several deals provided by this technique helped user to generate interest and motivate them too (Martins, 14thDecember, 2013).Another major aspect of gamification is that it increase fun and the involvement of employees. Italso helps to figure out the new ways to create incentives and motivation because it is believedthat if a business enhance productivity and performance of the employee, you can be success inattracting higher quality employee with increased technology skills. The basic factors to increaseemployee motivation through gamification are transparency, fast feedback, badges, competition,increase in progress report bar and many more. While using gamification technique, participationof employees must be voluntary because if the employee won’t be willing to participate, theywill not be able to produce more. So, voluntary participation is must (Morrison, 6thmay, 2016).Similarly, it is also believed that if the employee’s does not participate willingly or voluntarily,the gamification attempt may backfire and rec=duce the overall productivity as well.Recognizing and analyzing the game being played and understanding the regulations of the gameare the two major factor that the employee must focus on in the gamification technique.Customers are always hungry for rewards and achievement and they will search for thosebusinesses that will provide them those factors and business that are involved in gamificationtechnique are quite successful in involving those customers (Bunchball, 2017)Thus, it can be concluded that gamification technique is used in an organization to motivate andcompensate employees without affecting the nature of the task. Gamification technique helps an2
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