Gaussian curvature for triangle meshes.

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Gaussian curvature for triangle meshesObjective: Color code each vertex of a triangle mesh according to its gaussian curvature.So given a file that stores a triangle mesh doprocedure:1. read the file and generate an appropriate data structure2. compute its centroid and move it to the origin. Remember the centroid is the average of all vertices ofthe triangle mesh.3. compute the normal vector for each vertex. Strictly for rendering issues.4. compute the min-max bounding box for the mesh. In order to fill glOrtho with the correct parameters.5. compute the gaussian curvature for every vertex. 6. create 4 scales for the gaussian curvature, assign a color to each scale and color every vertex according to the scale it falls in. 7. make 2-3 screenshots for every triangle mesh given to you.File format#vertices #faceslist of vertices [x_i y_i z_i]list of faces [note that the counting starts from 1. you may want to fix that]Data structurearray of vertices. every vertex stores: its coordinates (x, y, z), normal vector, list of incident faces, color [according to gaussian curvature], gaussian curvature [Assume a vertex class]array of faces. every face stores: indices of its composing vertices, normal vector [assume a face class]

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