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2Geometry StandardsIntroductionThe geometry standards are designed to provide clarity and specificity instead of abroad generalized statement. They try to be guided by the designed which was developed byWilliam Schmidt and Richard Houang in 2002. By a continuous reference to organizationprinciples rather than only rely on the conceptual understanding of key ideas the math’sstandards can achieve the objective of being realistic to the real-world issues.This study will focus on the similarities and differences between the three standards,that is NCTM, Common Core and the Texas state standards.SimilaritiesAnalysis of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the NCTM indicates thatthey both share similar features in terns of coherence and focus. For instance, all the twostandards create an understanding of subtracting, dividing, adding and multiplying wholenumbers over a mean of three years. Both the cases address the issue of mathematicalreasoning and stress on the importance of expounding and providing justifications to problemsolutions.Both the CCSS and the NCTM standards expect students to master similar quantitiesof contents at each of the grade levels. The NCTM articulates that a clear and realisticpriority to learning by the students should be stressed on all the way from kindergarten tograde 8. The CCSS though have similar focus extend priorities all the way to high school.The two standards make it clear that curriculum should be focused tightly on a set of contentand skills yearly to allow student to build a strong mathematics foundation[ CITATION Ach10 \l2057 ].The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards encourage theapplication of mathematics to solving the daily problems in life and the society in general,this is the case with the CCSS as well.DifferencesDespite the similarities mentioned above several differences also exists within thestandards.One of the differences is that TEKS apply a problem-solving model as an angle ofobtaining the final solution. This entails analyzing the current available information,
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