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Added on - Mar 2020

MOLG22100 - The above assignment talks about the Genetically Modified Animals they are true of very high importance in the present modern world.

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Running head: GENETICALLY MODIFIED ANIMALSGENETICALLY MODIFIED ANIMALSName of the students:Name of the animals:Author note:
1GENETICALLY MODIFIED ANIMALSGenetically modified animals are indeed of very high importance in the present modernworld. They are found to be possessing plasma which are essential and may save the life of manyindividuals. In the genetically modified cows, their bovine antibodies are turned off and replacedwith human versions of those genes and therefore the antibodies that they produce when injectedwith virus are exact replica of human antibodies. Therefore, they do not evoke any negativeresponses when injected in human as vaccines. They are readily usable and had helped makingmedicines and vaccines much cheaper (Proudfoot et al. 2015). A genetically modified goats areestimated to produce 8 million doses of vaccines which has tremendous potential and this hasbeen confirmed by Mark Westhusian who is the professor of GMOs could be the future ofinfection prevention and control. Besides, production of polyclonal antibodies, they are alsohelpful in production of monoclonal antibodies which have a very costly production procedure.The cows are estimated to produce high levels of human antibodies for about 30 to 60 liters ofplasma per month in comparison to 4 liters per person.Although I prefer the use of genetically modified animals in the future, the controversywith the use of GMO might not allow the easy establishment of the trend of using them forvaccines. Many animal lovers are of the opinion that altering an entire organism by switching offtheir natural genes and introducing human genes are a crime as that destroys the natural balanceand interferes with the natural way of production of animals. They believe that humans areenjoying the supremacy of their power over the less intellectual animals (Aerts and Tavernier2016).Hence, it is really a matter of controversy which does not bring a proper conclusion andwill be always a matter of debate. However, if I am given the cope to decide, I would definitelyrecommend and support their use as it would help in providing vaccines at a much cheaper rate
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