Geopolitical Crises between Russia Ukraine and USA Report

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RUNNING HEAD: UKRAINE, RUSSIA, USA1Name of the studentTopic-University Name
UKRAINE, RUSSIA, USA2With the ramified economic changes and complex business structure, each and everycountry is increasing its GDP rate and economic development by drastic rate.The geopolitical crisesThe geopolitical crises have been surrounding Russia and Ukraine has been going onfor a while. Ukraine has been gaining momentum throughout the time and has increased itsoverall National income.It is evaluated that Russia crises has been escalated after the tragic downing of MalaysianAirlines MH17 (Stavrianos, 2001).It is observed that Russia has been affected by the high downfall of financial market ofUkraine and concerns amount investors.There are several companies in Russia which have strategic alliance with companies inUkraine (Gesteland, 2012).Ukraine is vital to Russia Energy exportEnergy exports are the lifeblood of the Russia economy.All the oil and gas exports accounting for over 30% Russian GDPUkraine provides various raw material and machines to Russia which helps inincreasing the overall production and national income of Russia.Ukrain exports major part of its oils and gas to Europe and these exports activities ofgas and oil is transferred through its implemented pipelines pass straight thru theUkraine.
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