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Gibbs Reflective Cycle Assignment

Added on -2019-09-20

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Running head: GIBBS REFLECTIVE CYCLEPSYCHOLOGY[Document subtitle]
1GIBBS REFLECTIVE CYCLEGibbs Reflective Cycle Figure 1 Gibbs Reflective CycleDescription: When I was in Second year, I was working under my mentor’s supervision in a surgical ward,attending a 72 years old man, who had suffered surgery of abdomen. I was asked to remove thedressing from wound so that doctor could examine it. Under the supervision of my mentor Iremoved the dressing, cleaned the wound without touching it. Till that time, my mentor wasasked to attend another patient, so I stayed and cared for Mr. Ram until doctor had come to checkhim. The doctor came straight towards my patient after checking the wound of another patientwithout considering to wash his hands. I was confused whether to say about it or not but it wasalready late as the doctor had started examining Mr. Ram.

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