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What is Operating System Assignment

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Added on  2019-09-20

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Gladys Nzita-Mak P2 & M1 Unit 2What is an operating system?An operating system is a program that allows you to run other programs and applications on your computer. An operating system is used to manage files and documents on your computer, performs tasks like taking input from your mouse or keyboard and outputting onto your screen, and be able tocontrol peripherals like a printer or scanner connected to your computer.Examples of operating systems are Linux, DOS, MAC and UNIX. They all do the same job; they allow you to access programs and manage your files.Apple Mac XThe purpose of Mac X is that it is made to be more user-friendly and well security protected. Mac OSalso allows users to run tasks simply, and has an easy simple interface.Apple Mac X has plenty of features like great applications (like Safari, iTunes, calendar), multiple display which allows you to be more flexible whilst working on an apple Mac, finder tabs which help to be organised whilst on a Mac and so with finder tabs you can have separate tabs for example music, work or images. Another feature is that it allows you to see notifications that you can view from applications or email messages. Also the Apple Mac X is also good for the use of gaming.Windows 7the purpose of Windows 7 is to offer the user a fast and reliable operating system. Windows 7 has a fast boot up, good performance that includes sleep and resume and keeps your computer connectedto wireless networks which makes your PC ready to use, fast USB detection, and has better memory use. Windows 7 is very flexible for the user to be able to run any software that is windows compatible. It allows programs that were able to run on windows Vista and XP to be used on windows 7. Windows 7 is made to be more organised (this is very useful for businesses) as it has its section of “libraries” which help users organise their files easier.Windows 7 features a new easy and organised start menu, along with a task bar which allows users to pin and access their favourite programs and applications easier. Windows 7 also has an XP mode which allows XP programs to work that would not usually work on windows 7. Windows 7 also has jump lists to quickly access favourite songs, images, websites and documents. Another feature is windows search; it allows users to search for anything on the PC instantly. Gaming using Windows 7 is really good. Also Windows touch is a feature that if you have touch screen, it is best because you wouldn’t need to use a keyboard as much.Common and different featuresMac XWindows 7Dock TaskbarLaunchpadStart menuAppsAppsUsed for gamingUsed for gamingSafariInternet ExploreriTunesWindows Media Player
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