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Global Brand Management

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Added on  2022-12-16

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This document discusses the concept of global brand management and the importance of brand positioning. It explores various strategies for creating a global brand image and highlights the key elements of a brand. The document also provides references for further reading on the topic.

Global Brand Management

   Added on 2022-12-16

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Brand positioning-
According to Kotler, brand positioning refers to an act of designing
the company offerings and image are try to occupy a different place
in the mind of target customers. Brand positioning play an essential
role in any organisation as it shapes customer’s preferences and
perception. The brand positioning strategy is directly related to the
loyalty of customers, consumers based brand equity, willingness to
purchase the brand. Effective brand positioning creates a favourable,
different and long term image in mind of customers. An organisation
can successfully be positioning its brand by following three
important steps. First one is critically analysis the needs of customers
their brand capability and understand competitors brand strategy.
After that second step is choose positioning statement which w3ill
resonate with its customer’s company capability, and different from
customers. While the last step of creating an effective brand
positioning is to effectively understand the remaining challenges
which is reflect from brand positioning.
Brand elements-
Brand of an organisation is the sum total of all the visual and non-
visual, tangible and non-tangible elements which derive the
perception of their customers. there are various elements of brand
which are brand image, position and so on.
In context of selected global brand, its brands elements were its
quality, values, services, innovation and trust which differentiate its
products and services from other retailer’s company in UK and it use
the same elements on India.
Global brand means a brand that is marketed under the
same name in multiple countries with similar and centrally
coordinated marketing strategies. Main objective of global
brand is to create and maintain a consistent identity with its
consumers all over the world. Creating a global brand
image is not an easy task an organisation faces various
issues in creating global brand image. This will help an
organisation to attract more and more customers in
different countries and enhance their profitability and
market shares. There are various global branding strategies
are available which helps selected firm to successfully
create a global brand image.
Global Brand Management
Global brand strategy
Solo Branding refers to a branding strategy under which
each product that a parent company sells to its customers
have its own brand name. This strategy of branding is
beneficial for targeting specific market segments and
consumers group
Extension Branding refers to a global branding strategy in
which a company use its pre-existing established brand for
developing new product categories under the same brand
name. An organisation uses this type of branding strategy
because of its already established good brand image and
strong reputation
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