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Global Business
Topic 1: “Rising risk global social media firm such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram face by
propose or actual government regulations and possible impact which have on firms.”
Social media is an interactive computer mediated technologies which facilitate sharing of
information, ideas, career interests as well as other activity through virtual communities and
network. There are several social media firms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
and so on (Yar, 2018). Apart from this, social media related activities are increasing day by day
which result in creating negative as well as positive impact on users which may be children,
adult and youngsters. So for minimise negative effect and developing positive government of
every nation has given some rules and regulation in relation of it.
According to the reality check team of BBC News Government, each and every nation
has proposed measures for regulating social media firms related to harmful content. These
proposed measures and regulations are often be considered as risks for these social media
firms, these measures includes substantial fines as well as the capability of blocking services
which do not stick to the rules. Content which promote fake news, hate speech or extremism or
may trigger as well as exacerbate mental health problem should not be posted on social media
companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.
For instance, a historical example can be taken in which YouTube, which is a social
media company defended their records on removing inappropriate content. Moreover, Facebook
that has been owns by Instagram have approx. 30,000 people at worldwide level who are
working for safety as well as security. Thus, they have removed 15.4m pieces of violent content
within October and December, up from 7.9m within the last three months (Steger, 2017).
Although, some inappropriate content removed automatically before seen by the users.
According to the cultural minister, government has to bring laws and legislation which will
force social media platforms to remove content that are illegal and have to prioritise the
protection of users who may be vulnerable adults, young people as well as children.

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