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Global BusinessEnvironment
INTRODUCTIONGlobal business environment refers to an environment in which different countriescollaborate with one other to formulate a frequent decision for development of economy of world(Alkhafaji and Nelson, 2013). This will assist in bringing dependency of each nation on eachother for making improvisations in an area and build up decisions for quick development.SASOL Limited is taken into consideration which is fastest growing energy as well as chemicalorganisation within South Africa. They have expanded their business into diverse developing anddeveloped nations such as Canada, Australia, Gabon and Mozambique for seeking furtherexpansion within other countries. This report will analyse key factors which leads toglobalisation, including strategic challenges which are related with the same. It will also aid todeterminehow this concept may influence its organizational culture, structure and functions, aswell as its decision making.TASK 1P1 Analysis of various key factors of cost, environment, market and competition which driveglobal trade and commerceWithin present competitive world, globalization refers to a concept which renders differentopportunities to organisations like information, services, technology, transfer of goods and manyother factors across the territorial boundary(Amran, Lee and Devi, 2014). This can be attainedby development of new strategies as well as modification within existent plan and policies.Along with this, by the assistance of business expansion, organisation can enhance theirprofitability as well as enhancement within living standards. With reference to SASOL Limited,it is already mentioned that they have expanded their operations in different countries around theworld. But they are looking to further expand their operations in new market in unlike nations. Inthis case, it is crucial for management to acknowledge different factors which are responsible fordriving process of globalization. They are illustrated below:Cost driver:With the assistance of high quality services, products can be accessed easilywithin global market. This will lead SASOL Limited to acquire cost advantage withinmarket. Along with this, management team furnishes goods at high prices and acquireeconomies within scale through assistance of outsourcing(Bititci, Cocca and Ates, 2016).
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