Global Business in the Asian Century


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Global Business in the Asian Century
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The essay begins well by stating how firms from emerging Asian economies, known also
as Dragon Multinationals, that aim to gain an edge or competitive advantage over firms from
advanced countries, are firms that share a number of similar characteristics. In my view, the
author states with a great degree of clarity how firms from emerging Asian economies
scrutinize new and complementing areas which are currently not explored by multinational
enterprises located in the international value chain as argued by Mathews (2006), scanning the
market and capturing opportunities for the acquisition of skills and resources that such firms are
not able to gain via mergers and acquisitions. It is also stated most aptly in the essay that by
doing so, inefficiencies are transformed by the firms from emerging Asian economies, into
competitive advantage. I am impressed by how the essay then proceeds to analyze in detail the
arguments made by Mathew regarding the use of the LLL framework or Leverage Learning
and Linkage framework. The essay also points to out dragon multinationals can focus their
attention on niche markets in order to compete with firms from advanced economies by pointing
to the example of Haier in China, While this is a legitimate claim, I am compelled to point out
the negatives here, which is that new technologies often score quite low in areas such as
technology and marketing skill compared to rich counterparts from developed nations (Gattai,
2012), and the essay could have pointed to some of the ways by which these challenges can be
It is interesting to read about the various strategies that the writer of the essay
would take recourse to if the writer were the CEO of a dragon multinational firm, in order
compete successfully with firms from developed countries in the global marketplace, by taking
advantage of the potential gaps that exist in pioneer MNE’s, locating innovative ways by which
the products and services of such MNE’s can be marketed, offering high quality services at low

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