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Ethical issues in artificial intelligence

Added on -2019-09-23

This article discusses the ethical concerns raised for the use of artificial intelligence in the future. It raises significant questions that need to be taken into account while making progress in the area of artificial intelligence and how this technology can be utilized for the benefit of human beings by not doing any harm.
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GLOBAL DIGITAL ETHICAL ISSUE1Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is the face of the future, it is already helping us in detecting frauds,optimization of logistics, and composition of art, providing with translations, conductingresearch with such systems in place. The world will become efficient and subsequently richer.Numerous technology giants like Amazon, IBM, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook and also greatindividuals such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking considers that this is the right time to talkregarding infinite area of Artificial Intelligence. This frontier is new in assessing risk and ethicalissues related with the emerging and innovative and technology. Ethical Issues in Artificial IntelligenceUnemployment – Numerous ways have been invented in order to make the jobs automated andthus labor are concerned with automation. For example trucking, is employing millions of peopleacross the world. If self-driving trucks by Tesla becomes extensively available it will lead tounemployment. Taking into account low risk of accidents, then self-driving trucks emerges as anethical choice. If the transition becomes successful then how will people spend their time. Mostpeople are involved in selling their time so that they can sustain themselves along with theirfamilies. Inequality – At present economic system is entirely based upon the system of hourly wage. Withthe usage of artificial intelligence companies, it will become less dependent upon the humanworkforce which means most of the revenues will remain with few people, particularly withthose people who have companies which are AI driven. The gap in the wealth can be seenalready.
GLOBAL DIGITAL ETHICAL ISSUE2Humanity – Artificial Intelligence is becoming better and better in modeling human relationsand conversation. Eugene Goostman, a robot has remained successful in making people thinkthey are talking to a human. This shows that soon people will interact with machines in sales orcustomer service, as if they are human beings. Humans have limit to their kindness and attentionbut the robots can divert infinite resources for building up the relations. Artificial Stupidity – Intelligence is learned whether one is human or machine. Systems aregenerally trained so that they can detect the correct patterns and also act according to the input.After completion of training the system, it is then sent in the test phase, where it is tested withmore examples. Training the system does not covers every possible situation. For examples thesystem have to deal in the real world. Moreover these systems can be fooled in many ways thathumans cannot be. Thus introduction of the AI should also confirm the efficiency, security andlabor. Racist Robots – Although artificial intelligence have speed and also have capability to process,which is way beyond the capability of the humans. AI cannot be trusted always for being neutraland fair. AI can be utilized for identifying scenes, people and objects, but AI can go wrong, asthey are created by the humans only, and thus can be judgmental and biased. If utilized correctlyit can be used for progress of the society. Security – The more robust a technology is the more it is susceptible to the nefarious usesbesides good. This thing not only applies to robots which are made for the replacement of humansoldiers or automatic weapons but also for the AI systems which can lead to destruction if theyare used maliciously. As these types of fights will not be fought on the battle grounds,cybersecurity will be of utmost importance.

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