PUBH2011 - Global Health Assignment

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Global Health (PUBH2011)


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The following paper deals with a health indicator, that is climate and geography and the geographic region that is being chosen is Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. It also demonstrates the issues concerned about the drastic climatic and geographical changes in the US.

PUBH2011 - Global Health Assignment


Laureate International Universities


Global Health (PUBH2011)

   Added on 2020-02-24

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1Running head :GLOBAL HEALTH Global healthName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
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2Running head :GLOBAL HEALTH The following paper deals with a health indicator,that is climate and geography and thegeographic region that is being chosen is Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. It alosdemonstrates the issues concerned in relation to the drastic climatic and geographical changes inthe US.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a federal agency thatmanages and supports and manages the preparation, preparedness and promotional activities inthe United States in order to improve the health of the general public. It was established in theyear 1946 in Atlanta and is managed by theDepartment of Health and Human Services.Thisdepartment works in the local, state and national level in partnership with various agencies inorder to monitor and prevent the outbreaks of disease(Epstein, 2016).It follows variousstrategies in the prevention of disease and maintains statistics of health at the national level. Theagency also performs various functions in order to prevent and control several infectious andchronic diseases, injuries, hazardous effects in the workplace, disability problems and threatsrelated to environmental health .An environmental issue that has been identified by the group is the drastic changein the climate and geographical conditions which leads to a negative impact upon thehealth of the population residing in the US. Change in the climate has become a global issuewhich leads to air pollution, floods, droughts, rise in the sea level, extreme changes in theweather and heat waves(D’Amato et al., 2013).It has lead to several negative impactsuponthe health of the population such as respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues, mentalimbalances and premature deaths of individuals. Climate change can increase the amount ofozone and particulate matter in the atmosphere at ground-level(Fann et al., 2014).It can also
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3Running head :GLOBAL HEALTH lead to an increase in the growth of indoor fungi and mold which can lead to several diseases inhuman beings.Climate and Health Program is playing a significant role in helping the state andthe city health departments in order to prepare themselves from negative health impacts ofclimate change. Their main objective is the identification of population that are vulnerable tochange in the climate. They work in order to prevent and adapt themselves to the present impacton the health of individuals(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.,2015).They make surethat they develop and follow proper systems in order to respond to the threats on the individuals. There are various driving forces or social determinants of health due to extremechanges in the climate such as poverty and lack of nutrition. This is because change in theclimate affects the agriculture due to increase in rainfall events and a rise in temperature.Thisresults in the loss of cultivated crops and financial issues among the individuals.Development inthe field of technology is also a major driving force that results in extreme weather events.There are several evidence based approaches to environmental risk assessment andmanagement of climate change such as various strategies for the adaptation and mitigationshould be taken in order to reduce the harmful effects of change in the climate. Mitigation can bedone by reducing the flow of green house gases which are present in the atmosphere(Aldy &Pizer, 2015).Thus can be done by reducing the source of the gases such as the burning of fossilfuels or improving the number of sinks that can store these gases like forests, oceans and soil.Adaptation involves adjusting to the climatic conditions by the living organisms such as animalsand human beings when there is a lack of food or extreme weather events(IntergovernmentalPanel on Climate Change, 2015).
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