The Global Digital Divide

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GLOBAL MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVEGiven the rapid advancements in technology in developed countries and fast pace ofglobalization, it is not possible to bridge the global digital divide.I strongly agree with the statement, reasons being the following,Digital divide is the technological gap between the developed countries and the less developed orthe developing countries in terms of modern internet access through broadband, a difference inmodern information communication systems between developed and developing regions acrossthe world. Global digital divide is the global differences in modern computing informationsystem like the internet between the developed and the developing countries.Poverty-most developed countries around the world have a stable income hence an easy accessto modern technological changes in communication, they are always up to date in change intechnology. Poverty leads to lack of time in internet access or equally the access tocommunication systems[ CITATION Rag13 \l 1033 ].Inequality access to services offered in the internet (education) -in developed countriesalmost every person has access to services offered in the internet like advanced education. Thisleads to people securing good jobs hence a good income, this makes them keep up with the trendin technology. People in the developing countries lack proper access to online services likeeducation hence a low income due to lack of jobsEmployment- developed countries have a stable flow in employment opportunities henceproviding its people with higher chances of keeping up with the daily change and advancementin technology. Most developing countries have low employment opportunities due to various
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