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Global Management Sample Assignment

Added on - 14 Jun 2021

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Running head: GLOBAL MANAGEMENTGLOBAL MANAGEMENTName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Notes
1GLOBAL MANAGEMENTIntroductionThe chosen company for this project is Nintendo which is one of the largest multinationalconsumer electronics and gaming company which is headquartered at Kyoto. It is considered tobe one of the largest video game companies and is known for creating some of the most popularand top selling franchises for video games like Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. Thefollowing project will assess the various questions related to the multinational video gamingcompany in relation to the countries United States, United Kingdom and Japan and will overviewthe process of how the countries trade and how products are outsourced.Identify three major countries with which your chosen company operates. Preferably, thethree countries are in different continents.Nintendo operates in more than 30 countries worldwide; however the three biggestoperating centers are in United States, United Kingdom and Japan where the headquarters islocated (Brichetto et al., 2013). The company plans to expand over to more countries in thefuture and they are already one of the biggest gaming company in the world.Are these three countries members of the IMF, the World Bank, and WTO?All three of the countries are members of the IMF, the World Bank and WTO. BothUnited States and United Kingdom became a member of IMF and the World Bank on December27, 1945, whereas Japan became an IMF and the World Bank member on August 13, 1952. Onthe other hand, United States, United Kingdom and Japan became a member of the WTO on1January 1995.
2GLOBAL MANAGEMENTDo you believe that these three countries actively follow guidelines of these three majorinternational institutions?These three countries very actively follow the guidelines of the IMF, the World Bank andWTO (Banga, 2013). These three countries became the members of the major internationalinstitutions when these institutions were formed and since then they are very active members.Compare the institutional structure of these three countries to determine if they promoteglobalization, i.e., (a) are their political institutions transparent and (b) do they have afunctioning judiciary system?The three countries mentioned above do promote globalization. However unlike UnitedStates and United Kingdom, Japan is more conservative towards their society, they are veryconscious about their hierarchical position. Their political institutions are transparent and aredriven through competition, achievement and success. United Kingdom and United States on theother hand believes that inequalities amongst people should be diminished (Holden & Jacobsen,2014).All of the three countries have functioning judiciary systems. Japan has five types of haspasses decisions: the Supreme Court, High Court, District Court, Family Court and Summarycourt. The judiciary system of United States is similar to that of Japan. United Kingdom hasmore varieties like The Magistrates, Coroners, Ecclesiastical and Crown Court.
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