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Running head: GLOBAL MARKETINGGlobal MarketingName of the StudentName of the University:Author note
1GLOBAL MARKETINGSteps to Overcome ChallengesIt was seen that ASEAN Association was facing two most crucial challenges in itsformation and meeting of its intention, which it proposed while forming the association amongvarious countries. The two most recognized challenges that the association faced is theincreasing demand of low skilled labor and rising income inequality. Further, the association alsofaced the challenges from the social cultural perspective as the countries that formed part of theassociation was from various cultures, religion and others. Thus, it is necessary to overcomethese challenges in order to take the association a successful move. The first challenge that theassociation can overcome is by educating the organization about the actual work of skilled laborin their business and other measures they can take to reduce cost (Stroupe and Kimura 2015).This is done to reduce the scenario of inequality in the country. Moreover, the association canform meeting between nations and help them decide the goods in which they have a competitiveadvantage. This is done to makes each nation realize the type of labor they need for theirmanufacturing activity. This makes the demand for skilled labor less in some of the countries.This is because countries having competitive advantage in goods that uses capital more that laborwill not demand much labor. This will control the demand for labor and companies will realizeother methods by which it can reduce their production cost. Instead of using low cost laborcompanies can use modern technologies which will help them to do various task in one tool. Thiswill reduce their cost of hiring labor. On the other hand, reduction in the demand for low costlabor ill reduce the income inequality in a region as labors will be paid the amount they deserved.Thus, this solves the further problems rising due to increasing income inequalities (Broinowski2016).
2GLOBAL MARKETINGThe social cultural challenges that the company faced in relation to cultural gap betweendifferent religions can be solved by properly educating the members. The association shouldeducate the ministers of the member nation of ASEAN because they are the major factor in thecountry that influences their citizen. Education is the best way religious discrimination can besolved between countries. Moreover, the member of ASEAN needs to travel across borders inorder to know the diverse culture and tradition of the other countries associated with ASEAN.The association should make sure that the ASEAN nation trade between them and learn abouteach other’s tradition and languages. This will help ASEAN to cope up with the problems arisingfrom culture and religious diversity. For the purpose, the association has also removed restrictionfrom visa facility so that more and more number of people can travel in their partner company.This will help various ASEAN countries to interact with each other and solve the racialdiscrimination and religious problems that are arising in ASEAN. However, roads and othertransport infrastructure that is missing in these regions need to be developed in order to facilitatethe free movement of people and goods (Sukma 2014).The association has also been criticized of the view of integrating the ten nations. It isnear to impossible to integrate these nations due to the political differences they face. This isbecause there are nations those are politically unstable and it is not possible to integrate thesenations with the developed ones. This is because the developed nation would not like to integratetheir economy with the unstable economies because it might hit their activities badly. Thus toovercome this challenge ASEAN should clear its objectives that it aims to bring theunderdeveloped nation close to developed nation financially by promoting their activities andmaking them stable (Acharya 2014).
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