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Global Tourism Report on Turkey

Added on - 14 Nov 2019

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2GLOBAL TOURISMIntroductionTurkey is a European country which is located partly in the Middle Eastern region of theworld and partly in Europe. The strategic location of the country offers a wide range ofopportunities for the development of Tourism in and around the world. It is a notable touristdestination of the European region and has experienced a large footfall of tourists in the last fewyears. The picturesque locations and the vast range of historical and archeological sites make itone of the famous tourist destinations across the world. In this following essay the essayist hasdiscussed about the future growth of the tourism industry in Turkey and also the different issuesthat may hamper the growth of the industry.Current IssuesThe death knell for the tourism industry of Turkey has been sounding repeatedly.Terrorism is the main reason behind such a sudden downslide. The country has been rockedby a large number of terrorist attacks in the recent times. Last year the country experienceddevastating attacks which claimed the lives of many people including a large number oftourists. To add salt to the existing woes the opposition organized a failed coup on the rulinggovernment led by President Racep Tayyip Erdogan. The failed coup resulted in a heavycrackdown from the government and close to 6000 people was arrested in connection to theviolence. The tourism sector is the most affected as because foreign offices of differentcountries are though not advising against travel to Turkey but are describing the situation asan unstable one. The country has seen a sharp decrease in the tourist count of 34.7% whichhas been a serious concern for the industry(Balli, Balli & Cebeci, 2013). The crisis of thetourism sector will affect the economy of the country as because the tourism forms one of the
3GLOBAL TOURISMlargest contributors of GDP to the economy of Turkey. The tourism companies of the countrywhich used to gain a healthy profit just a few years back are running in losses. Thecompanies are claiming that the attempted coup to de throw the ruling party has damaged thereputation of the tourism sector of the industry(Akın et al. 2015).Positive Impact of Tourism in TurkeyTurkey is rich in a variety of cultural and natural resources. Such resources are preservedunder different laws. The government of Turkey has set up a number of different organizations topreserve and protect the cultural and natural heritage of the country. The mentioned Europeancountry has approximately 2700 number of historical ruins which dates back to prehistoric timesand are rich in artistic works. Some of them include;a.Rock Sites of Cappadociab.Great Ulu mosquec.Nemrut mountain in Adiyamand.Xanthos- Letoon close to AntalyaThe government of Turkey has taken a number of initiatives to attract tourists in the country.This has resulted in both positive and negative impact on the growth of the tourism sector in thecountry. Some of the positive impacts of Tourism are;1.Huge Investment-The Government of Turkey has invested a huge sum of money todevelop the infrastructure and boost the tourism sector of the country. Providing bettertransportation, better local facilities, quality accommodation, organizing social andcultural events, engaging local people to a number of jobs related to the tourism sector
4GLOBAL TOURISMare some of the initiatives taken by the government to provide better services to thetourists who visit the nation(Giritlioglu et al. 2014).2.Beautiful decoration-Turkey is a picturesque country with beautiful landscapes. Tofurther boost the tourism sector the authorities have taken up a beautification drive tomake the country and the places of tourist interests more beautiful by planting trees anddecorating the areas. Since the last few years there has been an increasing number oftourist footfalls in the country and thus a considerable sum of money has been invested toconstruct sitting areas, rest houses, inns, government sponsored eating places, propersanitation facilities and drinking water facilities.3.Creation of Job-The creation of job opportunities is one of the most important factors oftourism. A lot of different jobs both internal as well as external has been created on therise of tourism in Turkey(Gozgor, Demir, & Bilgin, 2017).4.Economic Impact-The tourism industry has contributed to the growth of the economyof Turkey. Tourism accounts for a considerable part of the Gross Domestic Production ofthe country(Polat & Demirel, O, 2016). The factors that have contributed to the growthof the industry includes large scale modern industrialization, education, training, adaptionof advanced technologies, large number of qualified individuals, making the marketliberal and using strategic marketing to attract foreign investments.Negative Impact of Tourism in Turkey1.Environmental Impact-The largest negative impact of the tourism sector is theenvironmental impact that it brings with it. Littering, spilling wastes, dumping wastes inthe areas of tourist interests is a large concern for the organizations. The visits of unruly
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