Global Warming and Environmental Degradation Report

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Unit VIII Final Project TemplateTITLE:BACKGROUND ON ISSUE:The past few decades have seen an increase in the hue and cry over global warming, pollution and environment Degradation but more emphasishas been placed on how to prevent, reduce or eliminate pollution without considering the effects it is already having on the environment, flora andfauna. While governments and policymakers create new ESA policies and debate over how to carbon emissions and “if humans” are responsiblefor global warming serious environmental damage continues as a direct result of human encroachment, industry, and pollution.DEFINITION OF PROBLEM:Despite there being an increase in awareness regarding Environmental awareness, the environment continued see major concerns which gounattended. This is due to stakeholders and the public mainly focusing on policy and how to prevent environmental threats such as pollution whichleaves delicate ecosystems susceptible to continued attack. With most focus being placed on the effects of carbons emission on the environment,public health and global warming, little time and money is being invested to highlight major concerns playing out on the ecosystems. It is importantto divert our attention from carbon emission and begin focusing on ways to address environmental issues as a whole since many ecosystemscontinue to experience major threats and dangers despite theory being environment policies in place.POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS:Environment degradation continued to happen on a daily basis despite their being policies developed to address the issues. This means solutionsare not linked to policy development but rather policy implementation and practice whereby each individual, community, and government has to beencouraged to be self-aware and act rather than depend on the next person.Environmental Guardianship - Venerable environments, ecosystems, flora, and fauna all require having guardians who can representthem and protect them. Individuals will the best knowledge, experience and living in the locality must act and be classified as guardiansand protectors of the environment and ecosystems.Empower Advocators - The government also needs to put in place policy, acknowledge and empower Environmental advocators whowould act as the environment legal representatives and protectors. It’s also important to turn more attention towards practicalimplementation rather than only having politics which continually go addressed.Practical Intervention - Today curbing carbon emission has become a common synonym every person known but practical implementationis well below the required levels. The public, community, and government must turn their attention towards addressing environmentalconcerns as opposed to simply publicizing them.BOS 35511
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