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Running head: GLOBALIZATION AFFECTING EMPLOYEE RELATIONGlobalization Affecting Employee RelationName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1GLOBALIZATION AFFECTING EMPLOYEE RELATIONIntroduction:This essay broadly describes the concept of globalization and is a representation of ideasand ways in which it effects employee relations. Employee relationship, as the term suggests, isthe rapport among employees. It is one of the key aspects of any organization, because a healthyemployee relationship is essential for ensuring uninterrupted works flow thereby, promoting thenecessary growth. Globalization can be defined as the increasing interaction among individuals,states and nations through the development of money flow, culture and ideas. Hence, in simplerterms, globalization means interaction among a large number of people, thereby bringing themtogether at the same platform. (Beck 2015). It involves inculcating a number of ideas and helpsin exchanging information at different levels. This concept has evolved very recently as amedium to share information or ideas among organizations. It is essential to understand thatGlobalization has three major dimensions, namely economic, cultural and political. Economicglobalization generally takes place among organizations businesses across the globe (Baylis,Owens and Smith 2017). Cultural globalization paves way for idea exchange and exposes thevalues of different cultures to one another. Political globalization spreads awareness aboutdifferent legal policies that exist around the worlds to the respective global population, which inturn amounts to faster evolving societies. Therefore, it can be safely said that the whole worldhas shifted to the phase of globalization.Employee relations, as explained earlier play an important factor in the growth of thecompany. The main aspect leading to unhinged operation of an organization is teamworkbecause all tasks in an organization are assigned to various teams and without a healthyrelationship among the teams; it would be very difficult to complete the work efficiently.(Karanges et al.2015).There exists a number of factors that can improve employee relationship,
2GLOBALIZATION AFFECTING EMPLOYEE RELATIONfor instance, engaging employees in various activities together, having regular staff meeting forintroducing important information, encouraging managers to work closely along with theemployees. Other factors like making employees feel like they are a part of the team, introducingthem to challenges in order to make their work interesting, are also efficient ways to develop theassociation between employees. (Crane and Matten 2016). The essay further discusses thevarious aspects where globalization takes a crucial role in building up employee relationship.Types Of Globalization:Economic Globalization:Economic globalization in simple terms is the free movement of products, services,capital, information, goods and technology thereby increasing the interdependence andintegration of local, state and national economies across the globe(Ezcurra and Rodríguez-Pose2013).The process of economic globalization can play an essential part in improvingrelationship among employees as they might start to get a hold of diverse points of views of avariety of people across the globe, thereby broadening their perspective. (Nica, Manole andPotcovaru 2016). In case of an organization, employees of different branches of the officelocated at different areas can be made to interact with each other, which might result to theemployees not feeling like a fish out of water when shifted to another branch, thereby enhancingstaff relationship. Product globalization is a concept that falls under the dimension of economicglobalization and it includes obtaining various goods and products from different areas (Sturgeon2013).This might give workers an opportunity to interact with other workers. Prior to gettingindividuals acquainted with globalization, it is essential to provide proper training and this periodis a coalmine for good employee relationship. There are times when information sent fromdifferent parts of the world can be difficult for a single person to analyze because he/she may be
3GLOBALIZATION AFFECTING EMPLOYEE RELATIONable analyze only one particular kind of data. This is when team tasks can be introduced;resulting in increased interaction among employees and such continuous interaction might helpin improvingCultural Globalization:Cultural globalization is another dimension of globalization and it can be defined asthe exchange of ideas, cultures, values and meanings in ways that intensify and extend socialrelationships. This process essentially involves common culture exchange, which has beendiffused by popular media, internet and travels, which in turn adds to colonization and exchangeof commodities (Mirrlees 2013). Cultural globalization is responsible for enabling people to getinvolved in social relations that extend beyond regional and national borders thus, enhancinginterconnectedness among a variety of cultures. This dimension too has a positive impact onemployee relationship as it enables exchange of various ideas thereby promoting a healthyunderstanding of other cultures. The employees need to interact with the other employees of theorganization in order to pass schemes and suggestions. (Wood and Wilberger 2015). Culturalglobalization nudges workers to interrelate with the other workers to understand their actualviewpoint and therefore is responsible for changing preconceived notions and mindsets ofindividuals, thereby, playing a large role in improving relations among many employees.Language is an essential element that needs to be globalized because language barrier is a largedrawback in the perspective of employee relationship. The process of eliminating languagebarrier would definitely require an employee to seek help from another employee who alreadyhas the knowledge about that language. There can be situations when a particular task receivedfrom a client is in a language different from the one that can be comprehended by the employee.This is where cultural globalization comes into act and help about the language can be obtained
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