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Importance of Globalization, ASEAN Regional Grouping, Brexit, Green Movement, Culture and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

Added on -2019-09-23

This article discusses the benefits of globalization, features of ASEAN regional grouping, understanding of Brexit, personal views on the green movement, importance of culture in globalization, and regulations for anti-money laundering.
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Globalization is the process or a way of moving the goods and services as well as peopleacross the world in an accurate way. Globalization is good to provide the growth in theeconomy and helps to increase the business trade between the countries. According to my pointof view, there are many benefits of globalization. The first benefit is that there is proper use ofavailable resources because of the expansion of the markets and generate multiple choices tosatisfy the needs of people as the countries are dependent on each other. Moreover, Globalizationis good because it encourages exports and helps in earning the foreign income.Another benefit of globalization is that it provides the employment opportunities to the large noof people as there are many multinational companies who need staff on urgent basis and theyalso offers higher pay scale to their employees.Globalization is best because it introduces the new technologies and the new ways of improvingthe economy. Technology is the best gift given by the globalization.1
Q1: Do you agree with the “Hyper Globalist” claim that the world is borderless. Give three(3) reasons to support your answer, if yes or no.Yes, I agreed with the hyper globalist view of a borderless world. There are many reasons tosupport this statement and these reasons are given below. Fact 1: GlobalizationFirst reason of supporting this answer is globalization because of which the number of investorsand global capital flows has increased due to the higher margin and earnings. The businessmenare trying to find different ways to create a unique selling proposition over other competitors tomake the consumers prefer their services over other competitors in the market. This change hasbeen seen in all the top organizations and if we have a look at the stats, the economy has beenimproved a lot due to growth of global markets. So, to stay in the market, every day a newstrategy is established by the financier to retain its position in the market [ CITATION DNe05 \l1033 ].Fact 2:- Crossover of cultureBorders are not only lines and boundaries on a map, they also represents the cultures, beliefs andpolitical structures. Crossover of culture is more evident because of globalization and manyglobalist advocates that free trade and free markets is the powerful tool for enhancing thecultures as trade creates wealth and this wealth helps to remove the poverty and poor peoplefrom the daily work for survival[ CITATION JCe98 \l 1033 ].2
Fact 3: TechnologyFor the borderless world, the technology is the most powerful tool used by the business persons.As there are 600 million citizens in the country and more than half of the people are shoppingthrough online sites so a proper medium should be used to make the product reach the peopleand use of technology can make the industry reach the heights. It is to be scrutinized as to whichtechnology favors the company and which doesn’t. In order to reach the consumers of, use ofhigh technology is a must. The digital campaigning can be launched to influence the people.Globalization is best because it introduces the new technologies and the new ways of improvingthe economy. Technology is the best gift given by the globalization[ CITATION The12 \l 1033].3
Q2: What are some of the features of ASEAN regional grouping and their implications formembers? ASEAN regional grouping was set up in the year of 1967 and having five original membercountries and these countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.After that Brunei, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia also joined the ASEAN Regionalgrouping after 1984. The purposes of the ASEAN declaration are as below: -(i)To increase speed of economic growth, social progress and cultural development in theregion, and (ii)To promote peace and stability among the countries.4

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