(PDF) Globalization and Multinational Corporations

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Research Form
Research Proposal FormStudent Name: ______________________ Student ID:____________Centre Name: _____________________Tutor: ________________ Date:___________________Unit: ____________________Proposed Title:The impact of globalisation on the corporatestructures of large multinational companies and the majorchallenges they face. The case of ASDA.
Section One: Title, objective, responsibilitiesTitle or working title of the research projectTitle:The impact of globalisation on the corporate structures of large multinationalcompanies and the major challenges they face. The case of ASDA.Research QuestionHow globalisation can affect on business growth of ASDA?Research ObjectivesTo develop basic idea or concept about the globalisation.To analyse impact of globalisation on corporate structure and business growth ofASDA.To identify challenges or risks of globalisation in relation with ASDA.Recommend different ways through which challenges or risks of globalisation canbe overcome by ASDA.Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research projectRational behind doing this research is to study the significance of globalisation oncorporate structures of multinational organisation. For this, ASDA is a chosen enterprisewhich will assist the community by giving different number of job opportunities within aparticular nation (Bretos and Marcuello, 2017). Along with this, globalisation is a big conceptwhich will be more essential for investigator by maximising its knowledge regarding theliterature review, data analysis and data collection. Therefore, both topic and organisation willbe more helpful for researcher in academic and personal manner.Section Three: Literature sources searchedThe basic knowledge about the concept of globalisation.Idea or concept about the globalisation.According to The Beverly Bird And Carol Kopp, (2019), Globalisation introduces asthe spread of goods, information and technology across national cultures and borders. It is theconnection of various parts of the globe resulting in the enlargement of internationaleconomics, culture and political activities. It is the integration and movement of people andgoods among various nations. Thus, it is an essential process of integration and interactionamong the organisations, legal authorities and people of various countries.Impact of globalisation on corporate structure and business growth of ASDA.
According to the view point of Rob Wengrzyn 2018, Globalisation is determined as amost crucial aspect that provides several opportunities to an organisation for implementing theinternation business operations much effectively in order to gain higher growth as well assuccess as this level.Challenges or risks of globalisation in relation with ASDA.As per the view point of Katie Reynolds, 2017, the expansion of business is consider asthe major concern of an organisation whether it is a small as well as large corporation when itis trying to adopt higher growth as well as targeted objectives in more effective manner.Different ways through which challenges or risks of globalisation can be overcome byASDA.According to the (Waddock, (2017)globalisation have differentchallenges and issues such as government's rules and regulations, culturedifference, communication barriers, lack of resources etc. Different wayshave been suggested to an organisation about how to overcome impact ofglocalisation such asOptimum utilisation of resources, Proper studyabout government's rules and regulations, Communicationchannels and Adoption of training and development program.Section Four: Activities and timescalesActivities to be carried out during the researchproject :Selection of TopicAims and ObjectivesLiterature ReviewResearch MethodologyData collectionData analysisConclusion and recommendationSubmission of final project24815211752
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