Goal: Design and implement an employee database processing

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Goal:Design and implement anemployee database processingsystem.The project will give you experience insetting up security policies, invoking the Java Security Manager and using Java’s Authentication and AuthorizationService (JAAS) architecture.Description:Radsburg Inc., a company based in the New River Valley, wants us to develop a software applicationthat will allow employees to check their personal data or (with some constraints) data of other employees.For each employee Radsburg maintains the following personal data (in your code, use an appropriate type for eachof these data items):(1)Name(2)Id (a 4 digit decimal Id)(3)Position (CEO, VP, Manager, Associate or Junior Associate)(4)Name of the supervisora.If employee is a junior associate, supervisor field is thename of an associateb.If employee is an associate, supervisor field is the name ofa managerc.If employee is a manager, supervisor field is the name of aVPd.If employee is a VP, supervisor is the name of the CEOe.If employee is a CEO, supervisor field is blank.(5)SalaryThe software application authenticates an employee and then allows the employee to query or modify the databased on the employee’saccess rights. The following rules define an employee’s access right as well as constraintson the software application:(1)No employee can modify id, name or supervisor’s name on their own personal record.(2)Any employee can query his or her own personal data.(3)A supervisor can query data or change salary and position name of any of the employees who works forher/him.(4)A CEO can query data about any employee in the company or change their salary/position.(5)We will just assume that the CEO’s data cannot be modified.(6)The software application should not have access to write any file besides those required by your design(think Java Security Manager).Requirements(1)Employee information database:The program refers to an employee database which is simply a text file.Each line of the text file contains a comma delimited information about one user. You may assume thatthere may be multiple users with the same first name, but have different id #s. Here’s the format of eachline of input:FirstName, Id, Position, Name of supervisor (Id of supervisor), Salary
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