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The girl’s transcriptionGood afternoon everyone. I’m Hang this is prav. Today we are going to talk about ABM Estateinvestment and finance supply chain systemWe will analyse theircurrent model, practices ,leantechniques that they use supplier base, cutomer relationship and we will finish off with our personalrecommendations for the company.So just the quick introduction to ABM Estate investment andfinance and who they are.ABM Is one of the largest privately owned family construction firmsinin New dellhi . founded in 1999 by mr Balbir singh.. ABM provides fresh;y built condominiumsCONDAUMINIEM and apartments in and around New delhi . According to their financial report in2015, their annual turn over was £7Moving on to scales and scope they target at both b2b who areout of state investment buyersandB2c whoare local new delhicustomerIn order to sell properties they advertise their constructions vianewspaper , tele marketing and wordof mouth. Over the past 15 years They have succefullyexecuted arould 5 big projects over the x\vxWiththe increased competition in construction projects, the company is continuing to search forways of eliminating waste and increasing profit (Mastroianni and Abdelhamid 2003). Therefore ABMdecided to implement the increased visualization lean tool which is about communicating keyinformation effectivelyto the workforce through posting various signs and labels around theconstruction site..This tool is similar to the lean manufacturingtool, Visual Controls, whichincrease the efficiency and effectiveness of a process by making the steps in that process morevisible.In order to implement the Increased Visualization A safety meeting will be held on the jobsite at the beginning of the project for staff and workers.The importance of safe practicesfor thecompany are emphasized and people give feedback on different safe practices on the job site.Acommitment to safety is signed by all attendants. Besides, Workers could provide new ideas andcreate safety signs in order to increase their involvement in the process.Moreover Completion dates are also visible . for example when the expected pouring dates aredecidedsigns including pouring sequence and completion dates will be posted on the pouringpots for each floor also placed on the retaining wall.Besides, The company employs a continuous feedback loop which a lean technique to obtaincontinuous performance improvement.Basically ABM designs a survey consisting of 6 question andsend the survey to cusafter a full transaction took place or after maintain services during thewarranty period.. Then they keep the feedback going and share the results with suppliers andengineersFinally As mention above abm employ a 3pl company called (Lucky Logistics to outsourcetransportation when ever they got a projectthe contractors calculate the right amount of materialsthey need for different building stagesand send orders to the 3PL then the 3PLdelivery eachmaterial and despatches them to the site. At the end of the billing period, the company receiveone invoice for the services usedSupplier located near key highways linked with customers location which mean Big truck cannavigate easily and enable transport productivitSo after looking at ABM current model and strategies we pick out some of the main ads.
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