Good Versus Bad Knowledge Assignment

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Running head: GOOD VERSUS BAD KNOWLEDGEGOOD VERSUS BAD KNOWLEDGEName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
GOOD VERSUS BAD KNOWLEDGE1Media representation at most times focuses on the bad and the evil that occurs in theworld or it represents the achievements of famous people. There are very less incidents whenthe media has represented the incident as good versus bad. One such incident occurred in thebeginning of 2017, when the weird incident occurred over the United Airlines flight. Theflight was overbooked and a horrible scene took place after that resulted in somewhatviolence at the Chicago O’Hare airport. An airline passenger was asked to remove from theflight (, 2017). He refused to give up his seat to others and was thrown out of theflight due to his refusal. Fortunately, the video of the entire incident went viral andspeculations on both the good and the bad about the incident started. On one side, as it wascompletely legal to overbook flights, it become extremely disruptive at the moment when theparticular person did not want to leave the flight due to certain emergency situation. There are many incidents that occur in media that can be claimed as both good andbad but in this cases, the good thing was that passengers supported the man and after makingthe video viral, the man got much sympathy. On the other hand, the overall incident wasconsidered to be bad and the airline was held responsible for the creation of the overallproblematic situation and the harassment that the passengers had to face due to their policies.This particular incident went viral in no time and it attracted the attention of many throughoutthe world. This incident also created question on the good and the bad impact of the media(Riff, Lacy & Fico, 2014). The incident also welcomed many protagonists to write blogs andarticles and make people aware of all the rights and values that a particular passenger possesswhen he or she boards a flight.There have been many other incidents as well that can be claimed as the good or thebad about the media incidents. The news of terrorism, death, murder or accidents are thecommon form of news that are regularly observed in the media and creates the question ofgood or bad in the news incident (Zajc & Erjavec, 2014). At times, it become really difficult

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