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Grading Guidelines CW1You will be assessed using the generic marking criteria for reports; however these are specific module guidelines,which you should follow first.Assignment 1Group Report: Specific module Criteria (40% overall)Module specific grading criteria. Module code: 4BUS1123. Lecturer: Will AtkinsonREPORTPresentation &structureUse &presentation ofHarvardReferencingContent/ Terms/Findings/Definitions/CalculationsBusinessApplication &Integration ofData/LiteratureDiscussion /Analysis/Critical evaluation &/orReflectionAny other lecturerinstructionsTaskdetailsFollows reportstructure, withclear headings thatindicate thecontent of eachsection. Writingstyle is clear, withwell-constructedsentences. For thisearly stage thingslike an executivesummary do notneed to beincluded.Follows Harvardstyle for in-textcitation &Reference List.Using aminimum of 12sources,including 4 peerreviewedacademicjournal articles.Content includesdemonstration ofclearunderstanding oftwo issuesaroundemployment.Integration &application ofinformation andrelevantsources.Sources shouldbe relevant tothe discussion inthe report.Line of argument, thismeans the developmentof your discussion onthe topic. It also meansusing different sourcesto support thediscussion and line ofargument. Attempts atcritical discussion willalso be rewarded.The report is assessedin its entirety. Thisincludes eachindividual section andthe introduction andconclusion. As a group,you will need to workout how your differenttopics come together inthe report as a whole./marks/15 Marks/15marks/30 marks/15 marks/25 marksLecturer comments:
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